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4 Paws for Ability grows and adapts to COVID-19

By Megan Berg Seeing a dog on campus is common at Findlay, but the dogs with vests are working and learning alongside everyone else. UF 4 Paws for Ability is applying University of Findlay’s mission statement to canine learners—puppy raisers across campus are preparing Service Dogs in Training (SDiTs) for meaningful lives and productive […]

From 2-D Visual Art to 3-D Buildings: Transforming University of Findlay’s campus with student artwork

By Kelsey Baughman At the University of Findlay, COVID-19 has challenged college educators, but brought a new set of blue faces taped to Shafer Library. “The Blue Face Drawings”, created by ART 110 students, broke barriers with social distanced learning as well as provided a new “face” for future art education. Behind “The Blue […]

Biden wins the Rock the Mock election!

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44  Four years ago, the University of Findlay hosted its first ever mock election, where students voted between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. In the 2016 Rock the Mock event, Trump defeated Clinton 47.3% to 37.2% with 268 votes to Clinton’s 210 votes. Findlay Media Network (FMN), which was made up […]

Election Dodgers

University of Findlay students who did not elect to participate in this year’s presidential election give their reasoning for lack of voting By Nolan O’Connell The year of pandemic, rioting, wildfires, and unexpected deaths is winding down with a pivotal presidential election in the United States of America. On Nov. 3, voters will decide […]

Rocking down the road to election

The “Rock the Mock” mock election is gearing up and getting ready to go with just a few days away By Leah Alsept (@leah_0913) There are only a few days until the next “Rock the Mock” mock election on the University of Findlay campus. Four years ago, Findlay Media Network (now know as UF Digital […]

Findlay Music Festival postponed but NOT cancelled

Moving to next August Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 For those who were ready to hear T-Pain sing “Bartender” or “Buy U A Drank”, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. The Findlay Music Festival was originally scheduled for April 4, then moved to Oct.10, but is postponed again due to COVID-19. It was a […]

University of Findlay Students Gather to Watch the First Presidential Debate

Debate or debacle? By Emma Smith On Tuesday evening when many Americans stayed glued to their screens watching the first Presidential Debate of 2020, University of Findlay students had the opportunity to watch it together on campus. The showing occurred in real time in the Brewer Center for Health Sciences (BCHS) Lecture Hall. The […]

COVID-19 prevention in UF dorms

By Megan Berg             Residence halls pose serious concerns about the transmission of COVID-19. Students living in residence halls may be at a higher risk of contracting the virus, due to close proximity, shared bathrooms, and small halls. Several Residence Life staff weighed on in the measures in place to protect UF students in […]

Autumn has Arrived: A University of Findlay Guide with What to do for Fall 2020

By Kelsey Baughman Chilly weather and pumpkin décor outside of shops and homes can only mean one thing. Fall is here, Halloween is near, and you deserve some Autumn cheer! Although COVID-19 has affected many activities for Fall 2020, there are many fall attractions and events that are open and filled with the spooky, fall […]

Keeping Oilers safe off the field

UF athletics implementing various ways to keep athletes safe By Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Even with low-contact sports being allowed, the presence of COVID-19 is still looming and active. With this in mind, there may still be some concern for the safety of athletics and the University of Findlay as a whole. UF Athletic Director […]

Swinging for history… well at least for UFTV anyway

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 With many of University of Findlay sports in the fall getting delayed until the spring because of COVID-19, there are some sports that the Oilers participate it. One of those sports is golf, both men and women. UFTV has had a light workload this fall in airing sporting events since […]

Positive or negative coronavirus result? COVID-19 affects everyone at UF

The University of Findlay stresses that Oilers stay safe and take precautions during this unpredictable time By Leah Alsept @leah_0913 University of Findlay student Hannah Caram says she contracted the coronavirus a few weeks ago. Sept. 13 was her last day of quarantine, and she’s ready to go back out into the world. “As of […]

Findlay freshmen adapting to new learning styles

University freshmen and professor share their views on hybrid and remote learning. By Kayla Canterbury             University of Findlay freshmen have been thrown into the world of hybrid and remote learning for their first semester of college this fall. These styles of learning may present some difficulties for both the students and staff at […]

Annual Board of Presidents meeting gets a makeover

By Ethan Hockaday COVID-19 restrictions meant the University of Findlay Student Government Association (SGA) had to move the yearly Board of Presidents meeting online. While about 220 attendees logged on, including panelists, student leaders, and some advisors people attended the virtual meeting on Aug. 24, Vice-President of SGA, Jill Prince, a senior studying middle […]

The lasting global impact of COVID-19

By Leah Alsept (@leah_0913) Osaka, Japan, is 6,639 away from Findlay, OH. Visiting Professor of Japanese Rie Aoki hasn’t been to her home city Osaka since summer 2019. As COVID-19 vaccination hopes are seen in the news , the CDC COVID-19 Tracker states that there are 125,144 confirmed cases of the virus in Ohio with […]

COVID-19 takes sorority recruitment online at UF

By Olivia Hyatt COVID-19 has put many plans on hold, but for the Phi Sigma Sigma chapter at the University of Findlay it has only changed the way they have to do things. Phi Sigma Sigma’s fall 2020 recruitment began on Sept. 8; however, the chapter was notified from the National Panhellenic Conference only two […]

Helping Students Stay in Shape…and Safe

By Collin Frazier @Collin_53  With the stress of being in college, along with the prolonged presence of COVID-19, a way that students hope to alleviate their stress is by working out, and it is a good way of destressing. It allows students to take their mind off of things and allows the body to […]

Fall sports? High school: Yes. College: No.

By Alana Sundermann @alana_sundy23 On Aug. 18 Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) announced a new Ohio Department of Health order to allow high school contact sports to being competition. The list included field hockey, soccer and football. But he student athletes to continue following safety precautions so that all sports can be played.  The […]

Home Sweet Home looks a little different this year for the Delong Writing Center

By Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith The University of Findlay Delong Writing Center has a new home. It was once housed in the basement of Old Main but now you can find it located in the Center for Student Life and College of Business, room 135. “By moving the Writing Center to a more central, visible, […]

Oiler Tennis grateful to be back on the court

By Collin Frazier @Collin_53 With the semester slowly starting up, non-contact sports are getting ready for this unique season ahead of them. When initially hearing about the postponement of contact sports, Douglas Linden, the head coach for both the men’s and women’s tennis programs at the University of Findlay, could only feel sympathy for […]

The Work in The Kitchen Pays off in the Classroom

By Alana Sundermann @alana_sundy23 From the Writer’s Kitchen might be described as a place where artists and writers of all kinds can share their work. Connor Bracken, assistant professor of English and faculty advisor of the group, describes when the Writer’s Kitchen developed and what it has become. “It’s a pretty old inventoriable institution […]

Students adjust to on campus housing during a pandemic

by Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier With about 1,070 students living on campus this year, University of Findlay students seem to be taking dorm life changes during the pandemic in stride. Housing students safely during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge many universities and their students face this school year. Sophomore graphic design major Nolan O’Connell […]

Dear Freshman Me: An incoming senior takes a look back at lessons learned over the last three years.

Column   Twitter: @alana_sundy23 One week away from my last first day of school, ever. I can’t decide if I am excited or sad. I’m excited because I only have one more year until I get to experience all the possibilities the real world has to offer, but I’m sad because I only have one […]

UF Students react to COVID-19 decision

On Wednesday, March 11, as news traveled around campus that University of Findlay officials were moving classes to online remote learning, students reacted. UF Communication students went out and talked to several students about their plans and how they feel about the decision. Classes begin an online remote format on Monday, March 16 as recommended […]

Beating the winter cold and getting tropical

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With the weather keeping cool, the Student Government Association (SGA) is hoping to heat up campus with its annual Casino Night. This year, SGA is celebrating its 20th year of putting on Casino Night, with the theme being a tropical “Cruising into 2020”. Casino Night coordinator and SGA Secretary Lauren […]

Two students find themselves on the same path

By Jacob French   With the seemingly hundreds of University of Findlay labeled items strewn throughout the house, it is clear to see that orange and black runs proudly through the veins of those that inhabit the small three-bedroom home on Swing Avenue. And all it takes is a quick look at the fridge […]

Culture, community, and Christianity

Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Music passed through the closed doors to the Winebrenner Theological Seminary auditorium at the University of Findlay. Revive, the worship session held every Thursday night in Winebrenner, was in motion during the Jan. 16 service. The warm air inside provided relief from the bitter cold night outside. From the many groups […]

The laughs return to Findlay

By: Cory Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp   On Saturday, Jan. 25, three touring comedians will be performing at the Marathon Center for Performing Arts in Findlay. According to the University of Findlay’s website, this will also be the 18th year for the event which is free for students and faculty of UF and $20 […]

Learning while on break: an alternative

Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith   It may only be the second week of the semester, but spring break is right around the corner. With many different destinations to choose from, choosing the place may be the hard part. But this year, the Buford Center is offering an alternative spring break trip that is different and […]

Loop Abroad program takes UF students to Thailand

Leah Alsept @leah_0913   Thailand—a country in Southeast Asia with a population of more than 68 million people in a country three times the size of Florida, according to the CIA World Factbook. With its lush landscapes, golden temples and free-roaming wildlife, Thailand offered seniors Morgan Cashell and Stephanie Verkuilen an incredible experience when […]

Giving back, one can at a time

Kaylee Wheat   The University of Findlay once again went above and beyond for this year’s Helping Hands food drive. UF has a history of being the top college in the nation and going well over their goal, which this year was 115,000 pounds. They ended up collecting 115,867 pounds of food, which topped […]

Schedules, advisers, and auditing: what students need to know about classes

Leah Alsept  @leah_0913   Scheduling for Spring 2020 started University of Findlay students.   Every semester, students planning to continue their education at the University must schedule classes with their respective academic adviser. Advisers in each department may have as few as three advisees or more than 100. Dr. Erin Alava and Dr. Brandon […]

Winding Down and Tuning up

Abigail Frye @Abigail_EF   With the semester winding down, The University of Findlay has different ways to help students finish strong. As many students are writing their final papers and preparing projects, The Writing Center is ready to help.  The Writing Center is located in Old Main in Office 45. The Office is open […]

Pods are poison

Taylor Christensen Email- Twitter-@Taychristensen1 The vaping epidemic is sweeping across the United States harming the teens and young adults who have become addicted to vaping products over the past few years. According to the CDC, as of Oct. 8, 2019, 1,299 lung injury cases in people ages 17-75 years have been identified due to the […]