Learning while on break: an alternative

Emma Smith




It may only be the second week of the semester, but spring break is right around the corner. With many different destinations to choose from, choosing the place may be the hard part. But this year, the Buford Center is offering an alternative spring break trip that is different and exciting.

They have teamed up with The Hope Center for Refugees and Immigrants to provide a service-based activity for students to take part in Cleveland, Ohio. The alternative spring break is an idea that focuses on helping students understand immigrants, refugees and people seeking asylum. The program is from Mar. 1 through Mar. 7 and includes lots of educational activities such as museum visits, community events, lectures and diverse restaurant experiences to help participants gain a better understanding of these people outside of what is found in the media.

Seth Butler, the Director of Intercultural Student Services, is very excited about the opportunity that The Buford Center was providing for the University of Findlay students.

While Spring Break in Cleveland may seem a bit odd, especially because Findlay isn’t too far away from Cleveland, Butler believes that partaking in this alternative spring break could be very beneficial to students in ways outside of the classroom.

“Spring break provides a unique opportunity for students to grow in the areas of service, critical thinking, and cultural humility. These experiences often become pivotal moments for students in personal development as they experience different cultures,” said Butler. “I also encourage students to take advantage of opportunities like these during their time in college because they are much harder to come by once you graduate.”

“Students can learn more about the trip by checking out the flyer, which has been distributed across campus,” said Butler. “They can also stop by the Buford Center at 1222 N. Cory St., or reach out directly to me or our Program Coordinator Jenn Butler”

For those students who are interested, act quick because the Buford Center is only taking 20 students. Students who are interested in doing the alternative spring break must also submit an application for the chance to go. The link on the bottom of the flyer is the link to submit. The deadline to apply is Jan.31.

For any other questions please contact Seth or Jenn Butler their emails are butlers@findlay.edu and butler@findlay.edu, respectively.


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