Fall sports? High school: Yes. College: No.

By Alana Sundermann



On Aug. 18 Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) announced a new Ohio Department of Health order to allow high school contact sports to being competition. The list included field hockey, soccer and football. But he student athletes to continue following safety precautions so that all sports can be played. 

The announcement was welcome news to high school athletes itching to get back in the game. But college athletes have had no such luck. Fall contact sports, across the country, have been postponed or cancelled. The University of Findlay is one of the many schools that put fall sports on hold.

Senior soccer player Paige Casto says the size of high schools vs college athletic programs may play into the two different approaches.

“It’s up to the governor in general, just because high schools are all in one state whereas with us, it’s just hard because of our conference,” Casto said. “We are all from different states and different sized schools so it’s hard.”

Despite the halt to the season Casto is staying positive.

“I have hopes that we will be able to have some sort of season in the spring. I don’t know if we will get a full season in because it’s going to be hard with the conditions,” Cast said. “I’m hopeful but you never know.”  

Senior football player Jake Brown is not happy about the decision.

“I can’t say I necessarily agree with no college football, no partial play. And I think it’s unfair that some college football teams are getting to play, and others aren’t and that goes for high school as well,” said Brown.

With most of Findlay’s sports pushed to the spring, Brown’s concerned there may not be a spring football season.

“In my opinion I don’t think we’re going to have a season in the spring,” Brown said. “If we do, I’ll play, I know everyone wants to play.”  

Both Casto and Brown have reacted to the decision in different ways and are adjusting to the new normal in college athletics. Brown is disappointed in how things have turned out, but he is accepting the reality of the situation.

“Being a senior this year it’s really disappointing that we don’t get a season this year but at the same time, if it can save people’s lives then, it is what it is,” said Brown.

Casto might be just as disappointed as Brown, but she remains hopeful and keeps a good attitude moving forward.

“I know I try to have a really positive outlook on everything, because there’s no use on just dwelling on it,” Casto said. “I know with my team too, I am trying to get everyone to just get on the same page and right now we are just going to focus on the off season and just get ready for the spring.”


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