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Moon Knight: A psychological thrill ride for the MCU

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 A departure from the source material pays off Something that always keeps fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming back is how they will see their favorite heroes appear in films not dedicated to them. More recent examples of this include Dr. Strange appearing in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” and […]

Oiler Golf opens new facility to positive results

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 “I can’t thank enough people for this becoming a reality,” says Head Coach Guarnieri In the past few years, the Oiler Golf team has made its mark in Division II golf. The team works day-in-day-out to improve their craft, with spectacular results. However, because golf is an outdoor sport, the […]

A need for media literacy

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Perspectives of those who were affected by not only the physical effects COVID-19, but the misinformation that came along with the pandemic “She got so sick… My mom’s like, ‘she looked like skin and bones. She looked like she was gonna die.’” That was the reality that University of Findlay […]

Nowruz: A lesser-known new year holiday in the US

By: Alireza Majidi Iran has a late new year celebration day compared to America Mar. 20 was one of the most important days for the Persian speakers around world. From the first day of spring when the plants, animals, and our souls reunite again. The day when the blossoms wake up from the winter […]

Oiler Baseball and Softball looking to alleviate growing pains

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 New and old faces in the Oiler softball and baseball teams come together to achieve common goals As the weather starts to warm up (and cool down, in some cases), both Oiler Baseball and Softball are continuing their 2022 seasons. The baseball team is hoping to improve from their disappointing […]

Annual Career and Internship Fair gathers over 40 companies to the University of Findlay’s campus

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Students looking for employment will have an easy time at UF’s Career and Internship Fair Button down shirt. Tie. Dress shoes. These are just a few of the things needed to make a good impression to employers. Maddie Arquette was one of those students looking to make a good first […]

Squirrel causes power outage at University of Findlay’s campus

Just a normal day in Findlay, Ohio, when a power outage on the University of Findlay’s campus occurred… By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 The weather was warm and cloudy during what may have been one of the strangest occurrences on the University of Findlay’s campus in March —  a squirrel ran into a transformer near […]

The Pulse on politics: Ohio’s 2022 senate race

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 The Ohio senate race comes to Findlay, Ohio in early 2022 Findlay, Ohio is a lesser-known hotspot for political activity during campaign season. Various senatorial candidates, including JD Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” are making stops in Findlay to talk to their potential constituents about what they dislike and hope […]

Oiler Lacrosse projected to finish second in G-MAC

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Kelly and company ready to do even better this spring season The last three years have affected all of us in some way, shape, or form due to COVID-19. Not just students at UF, but student athletes as well, and the University of Findlay Lacrosse team has been no exception […]

Column: LED Curtain

By: Ali Majidi There’s a stark contrast between China’s Olympic ceremony and the Uyghurs in internment camps The Olympics is the oldest and greatest athletic event in history, where all of the chivalric people around the globe who have defeated their national rivals, get together to represent their powers to the world and to […]

Tips for transfer students

By: Aliza Stahl Transfer students are often a little lost coming to a new school after transferring from another institution — here are some tips to help There are first-time freshmen, there are gap-year students, and then there are transfer students. Students who have been through the transfer experience have to completely readjust to […]

Senior art exhibition displays dozens of works

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Three seniors take the stage during the University of Findlay art department’s senior student exhibition Every spring, the UF art department puts on a Senior Art and Design Exhibition for the department’s students graduating that semester. Seniors Breanna Gilbert, Mikaila Jennings, and Allie Meeker have a combined total of 42 […]

UF mobile food pantry helps students and wider community

Students who helped out at the mobile food pantry during MLK Jr. week are looking forward to more events — and warmer weather By Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Setting up a mobile food pantry is no easy task — especially when it’s outside in freezing cold weather. But the University of Findlay was able to […]

Five University of Findlay students help FBI solve cold cases in Detroit

By: Addy Hankins UF students helped FBI, Operation UNITED, identify missing persons Several University of Findlay students got the rare opportunity to work with the FBI in Detroit last summer. “It was awesome,” said Alicyn McClish, senior Forensic Biology student at the University of Findlay. “They didn’t treat us like kids.” McClish was one […]

WLFC Exclusive Interview: Seth Butler

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Seth Butler speaks on his journey, the DEI space, future goals & more! Seth Butler is a Findlay, Ohio native, graduating from Liberty Benton High School and branching out to Colorado State University for college. When he returned to Findlay five years ago, he set foot on the University of […]

Changes come for NFL fans this season

By: Jeremiah Jackson @kagelvltv Is this the start of a new era for the NFL? Tom Brady. Eli Manning. Drew Bees. Ben Roethlisberger. Hearing these names strike a chord for many football fans across the nation. A new era for football is on the horizon as the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams […]

“Peacemaker”: An irreverent entry in the DCEU

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 James Gunn with full control yields spectacular results James Gunn has a knack for taking franchises that no one talks about and breathes zany, fresh life into them. First, it was for the MCU with “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He did it once again for the DCEU with “The Suicide […]

Findlay Roughnecks rising to the challenge

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Oiler wrestling looking to continue successful season The Findlay wrestling team has made quite the statement this 2021-2022 season, slowly climbing up the national rankings to where they are currently sitting at 9th place. A collective effort to face adversity is a contributing factor to this season. “We got a […]

UF’s LGBTQ community from an LGBTQ student

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 University of Findlay student Nathan Bourne says he has put in a lot of work during his time at UF. Not just in the classroom, but in the community as well. “While I’m happy with what I’ve done at Findlay and the changes that I’ve made at Findlay, if I […]

“The Starling,” a grief cliché

By: Minal Bista Despite Melfi’s star studded star cast, “The Starling” falls short of expectations Directed by Theodore Melfi and written by the debut writer Matt Harris, “The Starling,” feels like a sorrow-based hallmark movie where the endings are forced to be good. After Melfi’s last film, 2016’s “Hidden Figures,” there were great expectations […]

Dogs, cats, coffee, and tea: Oh my!

By: Taylor Christensen @taychristensen1 You might see anthropomorphic animal art when walking into a local downtown Findlay coffee shop As soon as you walk into Coffee Amici in downtown Findlay you are greeted with the faces of various dogs, cats, and other pets that have been carefully painted by Judy Fields. She is the […]

Dave Emsweller reflects on his time at UF

By: Lauren Wolters  After 23 years at the University of Findlay Dave Emsweller retires  Dave Emsweller, the Vice President of Student Affairs, plans to retire at the end of the Fall 2021 semester.   “I just feel I’m at a point where I would like to sort of go and do some different types of […]

Suspect apprehended in manhunt Thursday afternoon in custody

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac09 Michigan man Robert Tramaine Hathorn was captured in a wooded area near local Findlay business after tips from residents came in It was 11:05 p.m. Wednesday evening when Ohio State Highway Patrolman Josef Brobst was shot with his own gun during a struggle after stopping Robert Traimaine Hathorn for a […]

Working at the Writing Center

By: Leah Alsept  @l_mac0913 Writers keep writing and tutors keep tutoring at UF’s Writing Center Students might have seen the Writing Center’s new location in CBSL 135. The new space is a big change for the program, which was originally located in the basement of Old Main. Oilers won’t have to go below ground […]

“Who let the dogs out?!” Working dogs: A series

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Dog’s are a man’s best friend – or not?! As the saying goes: Dogs are a man’s best friend. But what kind of work do dogs do with people? Officers Matt Paugh and Jake Adkins are part of the K-9 unit in the Findlay Police Department. They train and work […]

Ohio public, private university vaccine and mask mandates

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 The database below will have updated information as time goes on The Ohio State University began its fall semester with two huge public safety announcements relating to COVID-19. On Aug. 2, the school announced that masks would be required by all individuals in an indoor setting regardless of vaccination status […]

9/11 memorial held on UF’s campus

The University of Findlay held a memorial Sept. 10 to honor the lives of those who were lost in the Twin Towers attack on 9/11. Students, staff, and faculty were invited to attend the event that involved a prayer from Pastor Matt Ginter and a moment of silence. The City of Findlay also held a […]

“We Love Findlay College!”: WLFC 88.3 and its new home on campus

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 UF students have seen the construction going on at the AMU, but do they know what it’s for? UF Student Dominique Ysquierdo is ready for the construction in the AMU to be finished. Why? Because it’s set to become the new WLFC radio station and she’s the Student General Manager. […]

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day continues to be absolutely incredible for the SAB


By: Lauren Wolters The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day  The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, in the Alumni Memorial Union on March 12. The Camp Fire partnered event […]

“United We Stand”: UF Japanese program fights against hate crimes

By: Lauren Wolters UF raises awareness to the recent uptick of Asian hate crimes in the United States The University of Findlay’s Japanese program invited two speakers, Grace Leng and Sachiyo Peterson, from the Columbus area to share their experience as Asian Americans. This event occurred virtually on Zoom April 12 from 6 p.m. […]

From JMU to UF: Jake Brown’s story

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Oilers gain experienced WR in senior Jake Brown   With the football season in full swing, many Oilers are putting on their pads and jersey for one final go around. Some are putting their Black and Orange for the first time. Take WR Jake Brown, who joined Oiler Nation after […]

BREAKING NEWS: Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration temporarily paused

  By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913   Per State of Ohio update, all Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration have been paused as of Tuesday, April 13. This pause is in reaction to a statement released by the FDA recommending a stop due to an extremely rare blood clot occurring after receiving the vaccine.   […]

Hoping for a vaccinated Oiler Nation

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 UF is ready to give vaccines to Oilers once dosages come in Ohioans 16 and older can now get the coronavirus vaccine, according to DeWine’s updated vaccine eligibility plan. “Phase 2D” states that older teens and young adults are able to be vaccinated beginning March 29. A full list of […]

Update: More than a dozen cars vandalized on campus

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Reports on the two suspects accused of vandalizing 15 cars on the University of Findlay campus on March 4 have been referred to both the Juvenile Prosecutor’s office and the Municipal Prosecutor’s office. On Friday, March 5, Campus Police Officer Ross Wentling was on routine patrol at 10:48 a.m. when […]

Gerontology club looks forward to the future

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Stephanie Macke and the members of the Gerontology club at UF are not giving up on the elderly community in Findlay The elderly community is one of the most affected groups by COVID-19. According to the CDC, elderly people are 80 times more likely to by hospitalized by the coronavirus […]