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Women in Power: Dr. Katherine Fell

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith The second interviewee in the Women in Power Series is Dr. Katherine Fell, President of the University of Findlay since 2010. She is also a wife and mother to six children. She spoke about the importance of staying grounded in your beliefs as a leader. What does leadership mean to […]

Women in Power: Dr. Robin Walters-Powell

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Dr. Robin Walters-Powell chats about her experiences as a woman in power Dr. Robin Walters-Powell the chair of the University of Findlay’s Department of Health Care Services. She is also the advisor for UNITED and Phi Alpha Honor Society. Outside of her work at the university, she is also a […]

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week stands out at UF

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Oilers Go All Out For Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week Faculty and staff appreciation week is a week of thanking each individual for the work they do for the students on campus and the people they are. The events occur throughout the week of March 1 with multiple days of […]

Trump’s second impeachment ends with an acquittal

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Looking back on an unprecedented second impeachment trial After many days of hearing all sides, the Senate acquitted former president, Donald Trump on his impeachment charges. The argument was made that he cultivated the riot that occurred on Jan. 6. Weeks prior, Trump made remarks that encouraged his supporters not […]

UF prepares for in person classes with mandatory COVID-19 testing

By: Emma Smith Plenty of coronavirus tests have made it to the University of Findlay’s campus, but Oilers will have to wait for vaccines Face-to-face classes started at the University of Findlay on Tuesday, but before students were allowed to be in class, they were required to take a rapid COVID-19 test to ensure […]

Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States

By: Emma Smith After a tumultuous campaign season and an even more divisive few weeks, Joseph Biden Jr. is officially the 46th U.S. president It’s official– Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in to serve as the leaders of the United States. Biden’s first speech to the public as 46th President […]

Preparing for a very COVID-19 holiday

By Emma Smith With just days of face-to-face learning left for University of Findlay students thoughts are turning to Thanksgivings Day. UF junior education major, Hannah Otley, says Thanksgiving is going to look a little different at her house this year. She says her family is taking extra precautions to make sure their family […]

Election Night passes with no clear presidential winner

By Emma Smith Final tallies for the presidential election are still trickling in. On the evening of Tuesday Nov. 2, many Americans were glued to their televisions and phone screens as polls closed around the country. ABC News held live updates in their series Your Voice/Your Vote. Early that evening, many of the ABC […]

Local and National Voters Turnout in Record Numbers to Vote Early

By Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Morgan Wykes is a freshman Exercise Science major at the University of Findlay and a Hancock County resident. She is also a poll worker at the Hancock County Board of Elections and says the number of early voters has been surprising. “We were not expecting the large amount of people […]

University of Findlay Students Gather to Watch the First Presidential Debate

Debate or debacle? By Emma Smith On Tuesday evening when many Americans stayed glued to their screens watching the first Presidential Debate of 2020, University of Findlay students had the opportunity to watch it together on campus. The showing occurred in real time in the Brewer Center for Health Sciences (BCHS) Lecture Hall. The […]