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Five things to know about autism acceptance

Autism is not just a blue puzzle piece, for a multitude of reasons By Victoria Hansen, You might have seen shirts, buttons and bracelets recently with a blue puzzle piece on them that promotes autism awareness. Companies promise to light it up blue to help raise awareness.  This is the wrong way to talk […]

Let occupational therapy help you

By Leanne Wolters, Many people know that April showers bring May flowers; however, most don’t know that April is also National Occupational Therapy month. To those who don’t know, occupational therapy helps individuals get back to the daily activities they want to or need to do by helping them achieve physical, emotional and social […]

Life in the equine program

Photo by MJE Media

By Kendall Westgate, From learning to manage time freshman year to waking up at 4:30 a.m. sophomore year to riding three horses daily junior and senior year, the English equine program requires hard work, responsibility and lots of time management. Typically, a freshman class starts with 40-50 students, but typically ends with 15-20 students. […]

Thoughts with profs: be the glue

Alex Davis, Instructor of Teaching in Communication, 88.3 WLFC radio manager, I believe we need to be the glue. Glue, bridges the gap. Glue brings two items together that otherwise would not have been able to come together. Glue, as a substance, can be viewed similarly to the way that an individual in […]

Thoughts with Profs: To our alumni working in the field of journalism

Column by Amy Rogan Assistant Professor and Adviser to the Pulse As I watched the coverage of the young reporter fatally shot in Florida, I can’t help but picture our recent alumni and their young faces as they headed out into the journalism world. Young journalists work hard for little pay at times, with […]

Side hustles for the holidays

Column by Andy Milligan As college students, I’m sure that most of us know what it’s like to be strapped for cash- especially around the holidays. After all, you can’t leave anyone out, and buying the PERFECT gift for everyone is even MORE stressful on a budget. Maybe you didn’t do your diligence and […]

Meals you can make in your dorm room

Column By Andy Milligan As we all know, cooking for yourself in college can seem impossible- after all, all we’re allowed is a microwave, maybe a minifridge, and no more than a few simple ingredients to work with. But even with these limitations, the possibilities are still endless. As they say, “the creative mind thrives […]

Marvel Mania: What’s coming in MCU Phase 5

By Graham Shore The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most popular franchises in movie history. Here is a look at Phase 5 according to articles published in July by Julia Glassman in “Here’s How the MCU Phase 5 Timeline Will Play Out” and Laura Martin in “The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase […]

The secret to being a healthy college student

What does it mean to be healthy, and what does it look like? Column by Andy Milligan, UF senior Strength and Conditioning student As college students, it’s easy to lead a lifestyle of imbalance. Late nights spent studying create sleep imbalances. Anxiety and stress create mental imbalance. The delicious food in the dining hall […]

Content Creator Spotlight with JereMiah Jackson

Aurel Toska is a junior at the University of Findlay majoring in Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Social Studies. Pulse’s JereMiah Jackson sat down with Aurel Toska to talk about the content he is creating with his Findlay Talks podcast. Q: What inspired Findlay Talks? A: What inspired Findlay Talks is my wanting to give people in the […]

UF student wears many hats and does it with style

By Alexander Davis, Faculty Adviser for 88.3 WLFC the Pulse radio JereMiah Jackson is not LeBron James. I say that for two reasons. 1. JereMiah constantly refers to himself as Bron whenever he is doing anything. Let’s be real though, it makes sense. LeBron James is arguably the greatest athletes of all time – on […]

Video game review: Stray does not wander from its goal

Video Game Review by Ethan Hockaday Available on PC and Playstation, the video game Stray is a unique, fun game that won’t take your whole day to complete, nor leave your wallet significantly lighter. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, this game will have the player using the full spectrum of their emotion as they explore the […]

Why is recreational reading important?

There are a myriad of benefits to reading recreationally. What can it do for your mental and physical health? Column by Natalie Wertz “Reading is important, because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything” – Tomie Depaola. One thing I’ve learned in my 20 years of life […]

Strike up the band! Four reasons you should think about joining Oiler bands

Column By Krissy Johnson As someone who has participated in the Oiler marching, pep, and concert bands all four years of college at the University of Findlay, I highly recommend that students join the band program for multiple reasons.             The Oiler bands are directed by Dr. Wes King who started his career at […]

Past and present students reflect on the Arch ceremony

Lauren Wolters, senior, Doctor of Pharmacy Program “I was pretty nervous at the arch ceremony my first week here, but I was excited to walk through the arch. It is very cool that faculty and staff cheer and greet new students as they walk through. I think it helps establish a welcoming and personal environment […]

Moon Knight: A psychological thrill ride for the MCU

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 A departure from the source material pays off Something that always keeps fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming back is how they will see their favorite heroes appear in films not dedicated to them. More recent examples of this include Dr. Strange appearing in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” and […]

Column: LED Curtain

By: Ali Majidi There’s a stark contrast between China’s Olympic ceremony and the Uyghurs in internment camps The Olympics is the oldest and greatest athletic event in history, where all of the chivalric people around the globe who have defeated their national rivals, get together to represent their powers to the world and to […]

EXIT: An international perspective

By: Alireza Majidi Worlds apart come together with just one choice: to EXIT. I’m from Iran. Yes, you’re thinking just what am I doing in a small, midwestern town like Findlay, Ohio. Maybe for many of the American students here it is hard to be in another city away from home, but for international […]

“Peacemaker”: An irreverent entry in the DCEU

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 James Gunn with full control yields spectacular results James Gunn has a knack for taking franchises that no one talks about and breathes zany, fresh life into them. First, it was for the MCU with “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He did it once again for the DCEU with “The Suicide […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home: A love-letter to Webheads everywhere

An example of how to balance fan service with an amazing film By Collin Frazier @Collin_53 “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Those six words are synonymous with the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Despite that, this quote really has not been explored in the MCU’s rendition of the hero. However, that changed with the latest […]

The question of gratitude

By Amy Rogan Assistant Professor of Communication & Adviser to The Pulse I have questions…but not the kind you might expect. I’m not distributing a quiz or issuing an assignment to my students. Just a few simple questions that may shift your focus from your “have-nots” to your “haves.” My sister recently gave me a […]

Marvel’s Eternals shoots for the moon, lands in convoluted stars

Certainly the MCU’s worst in a long time, but not as bad as critics make it By Collin Frazier @Collin_53  Ambition. It’s something we all have. We use it to try something new or exciting. Sometimes it pays off well, sometimes it doesn’t, and sometimes it meets somewhere in the middle. Take the MCU’s […]