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Nowruz: A lesser-known new year holiday in the US

By: Alireza Majidi Iran has a late new year celebration day compared to America Mar. 20 was one of the most important days for the Persian speakers around world. From the first day of spring when the plants, animals, and our souls reunite again. The day when the blossoms wake up from the winter […]

Column: LED Curtain

By: Ali Majidi There’s a stark contrast between China’s Olympic ceremony and the Uyghurs in internment camps The Olympics is the oldest and greatest athletic event in history, where all of the chivalric people around the globe who have defeated their national rivals, get together to represent their powers to the world and to […]

EXIT: An international perspective

By: Alireza Majidi Worlds apart come together with just one choice: to EXIT. I’m from Iran. Yes, you’re thinking just what am I doing in a small, midwestern town like Findlay, Ohio. Maybe for many of the American students here it is hard to be in another city away from home, but for international […]

In the autumn twilight… our fates are connected

By: Minal Bista Japanese Culture Club asks UF students to interpret a popular Japanese film “ 誰そ彼と 我をな問ひそ 九月の 露に漏れつつ 君待つ我を…” Dr. Hiroaki Kawamura and the Japanese Culture Club hosted a film viewing open to all UF students in November. The event was made up of three sessions: the first session consisted of simply watching […]

Reelection of Ugandan President is met with violent controversy

By Samantha Adkins Central Ohio missionaries recount the totalitarian rule of President Yoweri Museveni Central Ohio native, Cana Ditty, spent five and a half years in the African nation Uganda as a missionary with her family. She moved there with her family in 2015 but recently left them to return home to pursue her […]