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New year means sharpening time management skills

New UF students prepare for the high school to college transition By Sydney Kin                                                          As many students, and student athletes head to the University of Findlay campus this fall, some students may find it challenging to development time management.             Caitlin Bamberger, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at UF, […]

How professors adapted to online learning

By: Makena Doseck Professors reflect on how virtual learning has changed their teaching styles The faculty at UF have had to deal with switching their classes that were mainly in-person to a fully virtual or hybrid classroom.  With COVID-19’s rapid spread, many professors had to scramble to get their courses adjusted to online work […]

Uncertainty remains for Spring 2021 graduation

By: Sydney Kin Worries hound University of Findlay students while an altered graduation looms around the corner Graduation will continue to look different for the 2021 seniors, not unlike their predecessors from the class of 2020. “I personally think graduation will still be on in the Spring because there is a vaccine now,” Senior […]

The plan for sports in the spring

By: Mitch Nielsen Spring and some fall sports are all playing at the same time during the Spring 2021 semester at the University of Findlay Spring 2021 has been hectic for the University of Findlay Athletic Department. With COVID-19 ruining the regular schedule for fall teams and some of the winter athletics, almost all […]

Zoom welcomes unexpected visitors over quarantine

By: Samantha Adkins Pets are both a positive and negative addition to Zoom meetings Freshman Pre-Vet student, Aubrey Villard, glanced at her laptop screen, which was displaying a Brady Bunch collage of black squares, each with the name of a classmate. “I’m just zoning out,” she said. Villard admits she’s not always paying attention. […]

Surviving COVID: Tips for students

By: Heather Brimmer Getting through college is not an easy task. Getting through college during a global pandemic is even harder A year ago, students were returning from spring break and settling in to get back to work. Now, students at the University of Findlay are finding as many ways as they can to […]

Looking back on the January inauguration

By: Heather Brimmer Vice President Kamala Harris inspires UF students and faculty Many months after the hotly debated and long-awaited election season began, Kamala Harris made United States history. Harris has officially broken racial and gender barriers that have been in place for more than 200 years. As the first woman vice president, the […]

Reelection of Ugandan President is met with violent controversy

By Samantha Adkins Central Ohio missionaries recount the totalitarian rule of President Yoweri Museveni Central Ohio native, Cana Ditty, spent five and a half years in the African nation Uganda as a missionary with her family. She moved there with her family in 2015 but recently left them to return home to pursue her […]

Self-care in snowy weather

By: Heather Brimmer UF Counseling Services provides self-care packages for exhausted students Last week, the University of Findlay’s Counseling Services handed out self-care packages to many students that have been struggling with mental health during the pandemic. The boxes were filled with items such as gift cards, fidgets toys, and journals. More than 200 […]


Column by: Riley Clark Lately there has been talk about Reddit wreaking havoc on the stock market, primarily targeting GameStop and Robinhood. The stock market in its current state is reporting on nearly every news source that Redditors are to blame for this recent dip in global stock trading. However, this is not the […]

Two universities handle COVID-19 in slightly different ways

By Courtney Koebel @courtneykoebel      COVID-19 has changed campuses around the country. Some going to virtual learning and some still attending in person classes. The Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has given universities the freedom to create their own COVID-19 response and only required them to report their cases to the students and community […]

Under pressure

Students and staff open up about how they study and manage their stress. By Kayla Canterbury      Junior criminal justice and psychology major at the University of Findlay Alyssa McDonald is feeling the same as many other UF students. Stressed. As the final week of classes approaches at the University of Findlay, students are […]

University of Findlay’s recent deer crash creates a stir in “Hendoe” Dining Hall

By Kelsey Baughman University of Findlay Henderson Dining Hall received an unexpected guest, a doe, who made quite a bold entrance smashing through two windows during lunch on Oct. 23. Paul Pavala, a Senior Computer Science major with an emphasis on Web and Database at the University of Findlay, was one of the students […]

Thoughts with Profs: Connery, Sean Connery

Guest Column by Dr. Kit Medjesky      @medjesky  Celebrated British actor Michael Caine once credited Golden Age movie star Cary Grant with ushering in a “generation of non-slobs.” It should be no surprise, then, that Grant was the original choice to play James Bond. Contract negotiations fell through, and […]

The only “break” in spring break this year is broken plans

By Olivia Hyatt With cases on the rise, and Hancock county being a level two, the effects of COVID-19 strike again as the University of Findlay announces spring break is cancelled, sort of.  The UF Update sent out on Oct. 14 outlines the current plans for the Spring semester—virtual start on Jan. 11, return […]

Trick-or-Treating sentiments in Findlay

City of Findlay to go forward with Trick-or-Treating By Sadie Hill The City of Findlay is set to have trick-or-treating on October 29, 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents of the town have expressed their opinions and concerns surrounding the city’s decision to move forward with the event, but most of the thoughts on […]

Seniors make a come back

By: Laura Brito COVID-19 devastated senior athletes in the spring of 2020 when seasons were cut short or canceled altogether. But now some of those seniors have returned for another year of education and another year of athletics. In fact three student-athletes on The University of Findlay baseball team are back and have taken […]

To vote or not to vote

Students and staff speak about the 2020 presidential election By Kayla Canterbury             With early voting in Ohio starting on Oct. 6, it is now crunch-time for the presidential candidates. While some individuals have already hit the polls to cast their votes, there are others who have yet to vote, perhaps because they are […]

Election Dodgers

University of Findlay students who did not elect to participate in this year’s presidential election give their reasoning for lack of voting By Nolan O’Connell The year of pandemic, rioting, wildfires, and unexpected deaths is winding down with a pivotal presidential election in the United States of America. On Nov. 3, voters will decide […]

COVID-19 prevention in UF dorms

By Megan Berg             Residence halls pose serious concerns about the transmission of COVID-19. Students living in residence halls may be at a higher risk of contracting the virus, due to close proximity, shared bathrooms, and small halls. Several Residence Life staff weighed on in the measures in place to protect UF students in […]

Autumn has Arrived: A University of Findlay Guide with What to do for Fall 2020

By Kelsey Baughman Chilly weather and pumpkin décor outside of shops and homes can only mean one thing. Fall is here, Halloween is near, and you deserve some Autumn cheer! Although COVID-19 has affected many activities for Fall 2020, there are many fall attractions and events that are open and filled with the spooky, fall […]