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Brown vs Moreno in November

By Pulse Staff Businessman Bernie Moreno-R will square off with incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown-D in November. The Ohio Primary Election on Tuesday, March 19 ended with Moreno garnering nearly 50 percent of the vote. The Ohio U.S. Senate GOP matchup was a big race nationally with many calling it a “divisive proxy race between Trump […]

Pulse on politics: Issue One

By Kendall Westgate, When driving around Findlay, one perhaps noticed many signs along the roads stating Vote “No” on Issue One or Vote “Yes” on Issue One, which proves the controversy about this topic around the state of Ohio. Many people in this country are waiting to see what precedent Ohio may set on […]

Midterm Election is right around the corner

By Pulse Staff Midterm Elections are next week in Ohio and across the country. Early in-person voting is up across the state as the Nov. 8 Election Day nears. On Nov. 1, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced that requests for early in-person and absentee ballots totaled “1,243,505, a 2.6 percent increase over the […]

What would get you to the voting booth?

By Pulse Staff Graham Shore, a University of Findlay sophomore and Business Administration-Sport Business Strategy Emphasis Major, has a theory about what would make college students care about politics and voting. “You got to shake their world a little bit,” Shore said during a recent conversation about the upcoming midterm election. The UF Digital Media […]

Midterm Elections: What you need to know

By Pulse Staff Midterm Elections are right around the corner in Ohio and across the country. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know as a college student in how to participate in these very important elections. Voting How-To Voter Registration deadline for the November election is Oct. 11, 2022. Board of Election offices […]

The Afghanistan withdrawal sees critique among American citizens – including UF students

By: Corinthia Webster The Afghanistan withdrawal is everywhere in the news, but for some students, these events hit close to home Americans are in an uproar over the recent events that have taken place in Afghanistan. Many Americans believe we pulled out to quickly and ruined everything we had fought for in the past […]

Reelection of Ugandan President is met with violent controversy

By Samantha Adkins Central Ohio missionaries recount the totalitarian rule of President Yoweri Museveni Central Ohio native, Cana Ditty, spent five and a half years in the African nation Uganda as a missionary with her family. She moved there with her family in 2015 but recently left them to return home to pursue her […]

Trump’s second impeachment ends with an acquittal

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Looking back on an unprecedented second impeachment trial After many days of hearing all sides, the Senate acquitted former president, Donald Trump on his impeachment charges. The argument was made that he cultivated the riot that occurred on Jan. 6. Weeks prior, Trump made remarks that encouraged his supporters not […]

Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States

By: Emma Smith After a tumultuous campaign season and an even more divisive few weeks, Joseph Biden Jr. is officially the 46th U.S. president It’s official– Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in to serve as the leaders of the United States. Biden’s first speech to the public as 46th President […]

Can a nation blanketed in hate move towards love?

Column by: Alana Sundermann @alana_sundy23 “For several hours on Jan. 6, the Capitol convulsed in chaos as violent rioters stormed past police lines and sent lawmakers and aides fleeing for safety inside the building,” journalist, Kyle Cheney reports from Politico. What happened at the capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 is a day to remember […]

How will history remember Trump?

President Trump still refuses to concede By Collin Frazier @Collin_53 After an election season full of mudslinging, the 2020 Election reached its conclusion on Nov. 7, with former Vice President Joe Biden securing the necessary 270 electoral votes for presidency with 306 total. This makes Donald Trump the first president since George H.W. Bush, […]

Joe Biden is officially elected President

By Lauren Wolters After almost four days of tallying votes, multiple media outlets called Joe Biden as the President on Saturday, Nov. 7. Many Americans became impatient with the delayed Presidential election results. An example of this is University of Findlay student, Ben Batchelor. “I am frustrated with having to wait days to find out […]

Election Night passes with no clear presidential winner

By Emma Smith Final tallies for the presidential election are still trickling in. On the evening of Tuesday Nov. 2, many Americans were glued to their televisions and phone screens as polls closed around the country. ABC News held live updates in their series Your Voice/Your Vote. Early that evening, many of the ABC […]

Local and National Voters Turnout in Record Numbers to Vote Early

By Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Morgan Wykes is a freshman Exercise Science major at the University of Findlay and a Hancock County resident. She is also a poll worker at the Hancock County Board of Elections and says the number of early voters has been surprising. “We were not expecting the large amount of people […]

Biden wins the Rock the Mock election!

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44  Four years ago, the University of Findlay hosted its first ever mock election, where students voted between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. In the 2016 Rock the Mock event, Trump defeated Clinton 47.3% to 37.2% with 268 votes to Clinton’s 210 votes. Findlay Media Network (FMN), which was made up […]

To vote or not to vote

Students and staff speak about the 2020 presidential election By Kayla Canterbury             With early voting in Ohio starting on Oct. 6, it is now crunch-time for the presidential candidates. While some individuals have already hit the polls to cast their votes, there are others who have yet to vote, perhaps because they are […]

Election Dodgers

University of Findlay students who did not elect to participate in this year’s presidential election give their reasoning for lack of voting By Nolan O’Connell The year of pandemic, rioting, wildfires, and unexpected deaths is winding down with a pivotal presidential election in the United States of America. On Nov. 3, voters will decide […]

Rocking down the road to election

The “Rock the Mock” mock election is gearing up and getting ready to go with just a few days away By Leah Alsept (@leah_0913) There are only a few days until the next “Rock the Mock” mock election on the University of Findlay campus. Four years ago, Findlay Media Network (now know as UF Digital […]

Your voice matters, use it

Column by Alana Sundermann In the United States the legal age to vote is set at 18. According to the United States Census Bureau, in the 2016 election 46.1% of 18-29-year-olds exercised their right to vote. While this was still higher than the turnout in the 2012 Election, it is still a statistically low […]

University of Findlay Students Gather to Watch the First Presidential Debate

Debate or debacle? By Emma Smith On Tuesday evening when many Americans stayed glued to their screens watching the first Presidential Debate of 2020, University of Findlay students had the opportunity to watch it together on campus. The showing occurred in real time in the Brewer Center for Health Sciences (BCHS) Lecture Hall. The […]

Rock the Mock Pod Episode 1: Secretary LaRose’s Chief of Staff, Merle Madrid

Introducing Rock the Mock Pod!! A limited series podcast leading up to the University of Findlay’s Mock Election on Oct. 27. Dylan Frazier sat down with Merle Madrid, the Chief of Staff for Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Topics included absentee ballots, early voting, and in-person voting. As well as working the voting polls […]

How Reliable are Election Polls in Predicting the Outcome of The Presidential Election?

By Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith With the countdown on to the Nov. 3 presidential election, polls of American voters are getting a lot of attention. On Sept. 13 a CNN poll of polls (which averages a number of polls together shows Democratic challenger Joe Biden leading the Republican 51% to 43%. The poll of polls includes […]

RNC Speech brings discussion to a UF class

Two students share their reactions to Vice President Pence’s RNC speech By: Leah Alsept @leah_0913 The University of Findlay’s Political Communication class took time to watch some of the key speakers from both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention and discuss some reactions to the things both sides had to say. Senior […]

UF to hold another mock election in November after 2016’s “Rock the Mock”

UF’s mock election will look a little different this year Writer: Leah Alsept (@leah_0913) “Four score and seven years ago…” Okay, maybe not that long ago, but four years ago the University of Findlay held its 2016 mock election on campus a week before presidential elections on Nov. 1. Helmed by then-editor of the student […]

Trump proposes 2020 budget

By: Mac Williams Email: Twitter: @m_williamsm2 President Trump unveiled his budget proposal for the 2020 fiscal year this past week. The $4.75 trillion federal proposal would be the largest such budget in U.S. history. According to Jim Tankersley and Michael Tackett of the New York Times, the proposed budget calls for a nearly five […]

State of the Union is ‘Strong’ but partisan reaction is stronger

By: Pulse Staff As President Donald Trump started the State of the Union Address in the House Chamber Tuesday night, standing ovations were the norm. But as the address moved on, the division of support on his various statements became clear as half of the chamber stood and half sat looking annoyed (and at times […]

Trump on birth control

By: Leah Alsept Email: How will Trump’s new birth control policy affect Ohioans? NPR reported that the Trump Administration would be rolling back the Obama-era policy that all employers offer contraceptives to employees no matter the employers religious or moral values. The rollback has been blocked by 13 states; California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, […]

Transgender people banned from military

By: Leah Alsept Email: The Trump Administration has successfully banned transgender people from entering the military. This policy went into effect Jan. 22. The Carter Policy was an overturn of the previous ban on transgender people from the military, backed by a year-long study which concluded being transgender had nothing to do with whether someone […]

Findlay grad goes to the Captitol

By: Bri Hallman Email: The City of Findlay is sending off one of their own after serving the people of Hancock County for the past seven years. Republican governor-elect Mike DeWine chose Mayor Lydia Mihalik to head the Development Services Agency as a result of what she has done during her terms as mayor. […]

Florida embroiled in a recount, again

By: Mac Williams Twitter: @m_williamsm2 Email: In the 2000 presidential election, the state of Florida faced a situation that would alter the course of American history. Then Republican candidate George W. Bush and Democratic candidate Al Gore were facing a hand recount of all votes cast in the state because the vote margins were […]