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All things, good and bad, must come to an end at some point…right?

Column By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As I sit here in my guest room in my house for the eighth straight day because I got coronavirus, it got me thinking about life after getting out of this guest room. When will it end? Will I be the same? Will I feel the same? I can […]

Xbox Series X is super-fast, but lacks new games

Review by Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 Truth be told I really wanted a PS5 this time around. The look, the new controller, the launch titles were awesome, and I was really looking forward to snagging one this holiday season. Well, between a limited stock, Wal-Mart letting bots run wild, and everyone else wanting it, I had […]

UFTV working to keep the community in the game

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 Croy gymnasium on the University of Findlay campus is known for its “sixth man” presence. It’s legendary. The Findlay community embraces their favorite basketball teams and pack the stands at games. This basketball season that special ingredient will be missing from the Oiler basketball games as COVID-19 restrictions are keeping […]

Schooling from Home

How one UF student dealt with having COVID-19 By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As the University of Findlay balances the act of having classes on campus while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, some students were still exposed to the virus. Scott Jennings, a student at UF, contracted the virus. Jennings says that when he first […]

Biden wins the Rock the Mock election!

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44  Four years ago, the University of Findlay hosted its first ever mock election, where students voted between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. In the 2016 Rock the Mock event, Trump defeated Clinton 47.3% to 37.2% with 268 votes to Clinton’s 210 votes. Findlay Media Network (FMN), which was made up […]

Findlay Music Festival postponed but NOT cancelled

Moving to next August Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 For those who were ready to hear T-Pain sing “Bartender” or “Buy U A Drank”, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. The Findlay Music Festival was originally scheduled for April 4, then moved to Oct.10, but is postponed again due to COVID-19. It was a […]

Rock the Mock Pod Episode 1: Secretary LaRose’s Chief of Staff, Merle Madrid

Introducing Rock the Mock Pod!! A limited series podcast leading up to the University of Findlay’s Mock Election on Oct. 27. Dylan Frazier sat down with Merle Madrid, the Chief of Staff for Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. Topics included absentee ballots, early voting, and in-person voting. As well as working the voting polls […]

Service workers trying to figure it all out because of COVID-19

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   Much like the rest of the world, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted all aspects of life already in Ohio. From school closures to the most recent order closing restaurants dine-in services. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced the measure in a news conference Sunday, March 15. Lt. Gov. Jon Husted encouraged people […]

Pre-Vet and Equestrian students adjust to learning without the lab

Pre-Vet and Equestrian majors make up a large portion of students at the University of Findlay. These majors are very hands-on from working in labs to handling animals. Which poses a challenge for the new online remote learning style the university is switching to Monday, March 16. The switch comes after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine […]

How students across Ohio feel about schools going online only

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   “This feels like the start to a really bad post-apocalyptic movie that I didn’t want to be in.” That’s how University of Toledo sophomore, Alyssa Jordan, feels about her school and many others across the state going online-only in the wake of COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. On Tuesday, […]

University of Findlay responds to COVID-19 outbreak

The following is a letter released from University President Dr. Katherine Fell to the UF community. The Pulse Staff is dedicated to bringing the UF community important information regarding this issue.  “Dear Parents: The university has been in close contact with Governor DeWine’s Office regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in order to ensure that we […]

Oiler golf find themselves in familiar territory

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With spring golf season coming up in a few weeks, both Findlay men’s and women’s teams are finding themselves in a similar situation to the fall season; national rankings. This spring, however, both teams are ranked even higher, with both teams being ranked #2 regionally in the sport. Even with […]

How Oilers can serve on break

Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith   A select number of students are gearing up to travel over their Spring Break. Through the Buford Center for Diversity, students had the option to apply for two different service programs. One of the programs was through the Habitat for Humanity chapter on UF. This chapter is taking 22 students […]

Beating the winter cold and getting tropical

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With the weather keeping cool, the Student Government Association (SGA) is hoping to heat up campus with its annual Casino Night. This year, SGA is celebrating its 20th year of putting on Casino Night, with the theme being a tropical “Cruising into 2020”. Casino Night coordinator and SGA Secretary Lauren […]

Governor wants to crack down on texting-and-driving issue

Dylan Frazier  @dylanfrazier44  According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year and nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving.   The Ohio Capital Journal reports in an effort to combat the issue in the state of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine […]

From Green Hill Zone to the top of the box office

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   After releasing  what may have been the worst trailer of all time, where a talking hedgehog looked like a demon sent to scare everyone in the universe, Sonic the Hedgehog made my least anticipated movie list. But what Sega, Paramount, and all else involved did that no others seem to […]

Escaping fake news by running to media literacy

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   In the last of four events that helped promote media literacy and education on how to spot real news, which was led by 2019-2020 Wilkin Chair recipient and Communication Department Chair, Diana Montague, the fight against fake news wrapped up with an escape from fake news. The event consisted of […]

Two students find themselves on the same path

By Jacob French   With the seemingly hundreds of University of Findlay labeled items strewn throughout the house, it is clear to see that orange and black runs proudly through the veins of those that inhabit the small three-bedroom home on Swing Avenue. And all it takes is a quick look at the fridge […]

Is this the Reds year?

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With spring training getting underway, it’s time to talk about my favorite team in all of sports, the Reds. If you would have asked me if the Cincinnati Reds, my favorite MLB team (sorry, Cleveland), were the favorites for the National League (NL) Central after another “rebuilding” (really having high […]

UF mourns the loss of former president, DeBow Freed

Pulse Staff Former University of Findlay President Dr. DeBow Freed passed away on Saturday, Feb. 8 at the age of 94. In an email statement University president. Dr. Katherine Fell, says Dr. Freed’s legacy at the University of Findlay is evident throughout campus and in the lives of UF students and graduates. “He will forever […]

Culture, community, and Christianity

Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Music passed through the closed doors to the Winebrenner Theological Seminary auditorium at the University of Findlay. Revive, the worship session held every Thursday night in Winebrenner, was in motion during the Jan. 16 service. The warm air inside provided relief from the bitter cold night outside. From the many groups […]

The stars come out Sunday night

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   2019, what a year in film. From the return of Quentin Tarantino to Parasite taking the awards season by storm. And of course, Marriage Story being the best Netflix movie ever released (sorry, Irishman and Roma), it was a great year for movies. The year that was 2019 will finally […]