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UF staff wonder what the future holds following the merger

By Anthony Johson, University of Findlay staff are optimistic about the future of the University of Findlay after the announcement of the Findlay and Bluffton merger. On March 20, the presidents for UF and Bluffton University announced the two universities will partner, becoming one University but two college campuses. This announcement came to the […]

Phases of the merger between the University of Findlay and Bluffton University

By Mackala Krichbaum, As the University of Findlay and Bluffton University move forward with a proposed merger, the process will include four phases with the help of a transition team. Dr. Christine Denecker runs the Center for Teaching Excellence and is an English professor. Dr. Raymond McCandless sits in the Cabinet at the University […]

Western IHSA team qualifies for nationals once again

Team members and coaches worked hard all season to get them to this point and that continues as they prepare for nationals By Brooke DeSnyder, UF’s western IHSA team gears up for nationals, which has become a yearly recurrence due to their outstanding performance year-after-year. IHSA is a college level catch-riding, showing competition, where […]

UF and BU merger creates buzzes around campus

By Emily Byglin, The proposed merger between the University of Findlay (UF) and Bluffton University (BU) has students on both campuses buzzing about what it means for their future. Allie McGaughy, freshman social work major at BU, discussed her interest in attending either UF or BU when starting college, but ultimately ended up at […]

Bluffton-Findlay merger earns support of alumni

BU and UF alumni still have questions regarding the merger, but have still provided statements of support and excitement for the merger and future of both institutions By Cassie Arnett, March 20, UF President Dr. Katherine Fell announced the merger between UF and Bluffton University. This announcement was a surprise to students, faculty, staff, […]

UF acknowledges Sexual Assault Awareness Month with campus-wide initiatives

OC3 and Office of Equity and Title IX lead efforts to support survivors and promote safety culture at UF By Andrea Hoffman, April for most students at the University of Findlay is a time of celebration signaling the end of school, spring sports games and nice weather. But OC3 and the Office of Equity […]

Autism spectrum disorder: Navigating a road of advocacy and controversy

April is Autism Awareness Month, but the support for ASD extends beyond April. By Lauren Wolters, The number of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been rising consistently during the last three decades. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2020 surveillance estimates that one in 36 children have been identified with […]

Dana Scholars break into business

Elite business students gain irreplicable experience By Victoria Hansen, Ten University of Findlay business students were given first-hand business experience in the Dana Scholar program this year. Well-known from the large plaque in the Center for Business and Student Life, Dana Scholars work closely with the Dana Chair over their semester by visiting companies, […]

Five things to know about autism acceptance

Autism is not just a blue puzzle piece, for a multitude of reasons By Victoria Hansen, You might have seen shirts, buttons and bracelets recently with a blue puzzle piece on them that promotes autism awareness. Companies promise to light it up blue to help raise awareness.  This is the wrong way to talk […]

Get oily with the Oilers Choice Awards

By Andrea Hoffman, This past Tuesday night was a monumental moment for Oiler athletics. At 7:30 p.m. student-athletes from all 22 varsity sports traded their jerseys and uniforms for formal attire to celebrate the first ever Oiler Choice Awards ceremony. The student-athletes were joined by coaches, family, fans and staff from all across Oiler […]

Let occupational therapy help you

By Leanne Wolters, Many people know that April showers bring May flowers; however, most don’t know that April is also National Occupational Therapy month. To those who don’t know, occupational therapy helps individuals get back to the daily activities they want to or need to do by helping them achieve physical, emotional and social […]

Bridging worlds: navigating cultural challenges of UF’s international students

By Paige Falk, From mental health to cultural accommodation, international students at the University of Findlay have a variety of obstacles to negotiate that are different from the American college student. With roughly 600 international students at EF, 271 of those students come from India, which far outpaces other countries of origin with the […]

Long awaited total solar eclipse lives up to its reputation

Students and the general Findlay public use campus spaces to watch the eclipse By Kendall Westgate, Brooke DeSnyder, Emily Byglin, Anthony Johnson No school is always exciting for students; however, the total solar eclipse offered legitimate excitement for students on the University of Findlay campus since different events were offered throughout the day. Sophomore AnnMarie […]

UF introduces powerlifting club

UF recently added a powerlifting club to its list of club sports for students to join By Cassie Arnett, The University of Findlay and Findlay Barbell partnered together to add a new club sport to UF’s list of club sports. The powerlifting club is now among club sports at UF. The Powerlifting Club is […]

Returning students making housing decisions

UF upperclassmen are making their final housing decisions for the coming academic year By Mackala Krichbaum, When deciding to live off-campus, accessibility and lifestyle are at the top of the list as to what draws students to off-campus housing. The stress levels are high for many as they decide where they want to live […]

New club to mentor young children

Several UF Students are continuing their mentorship journey through a local organization and now a club affiliated with the organization By Jenna Waits, The University of Findlay welcomed a new club to campus, Children’s Mentoring Connection Campus Champions (CMCCC), which is connected to Children’s Mentoring Connections (CMC). CMC is able to provide a monitored […]

Joining together for better education

By Kendall Westgate, What happens when Derrick the Oiler and the Bluffton Beaver merge together? The Broilers. However, this merger between the two Universities will still support the separate mascots, despite merging into one university. The March 20 announcement that University of Findlay and Bluffton University were pursuing a merger sent shock waves across […]

U Findlay, Bluffton U agree to merge

By Kendall Westgate, Many schools as of late have joined forces or were forced to shut-down. As of March 20, University of Findlay appears to be one of those schools, as the University has announced plans to merge with Bluffton University. In an all-campus meeting with the University of Findlay faculty and staff, President […]

TikTok? Or Tik-Not?

By Pulse Staff The “Protecting Americans From Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act” is otherwise known as the TikTok ban and it passed the U.S. House of Representatives on March 13. The U.S. Senate seems to be slow walking the bill, according to multiple news agencies, but the initial step to a major change in the […]

Paws for thought

How do emotional support animals measure up to other options on campus? By Victoria Hansen, When students leave for home for college, it means leaving behind their family, friends and pets. Non-aquatic pets are banned in University of Findlay residence halls, but some students feel that they won’t be able have a meaningful life […]

Applications for campus housing add up as deadline approaches

By Anthony Johnson Many friends and classmates have been working together to figure out their living situations for next year. The University of Findlay housing applications opened for students; Students requested roommates and housing before the deadline reaches for selection which begins March 6. University of Findlay offers multiple different living options including group houses, […]

Learn about the primaries election

By Victoria Hansen, The Ohio U.S. Senate Republican Primary forum held at the University of Findlay on Feb. 19 showed the power of primaries. The primaries are the time to make sure that we have good candidates moving forward, according to Mayor of Findlay Christina Muryn. “It’s their [University of Findlay students’] opportunity to […]

Life in the equine program

Photo by MJE Media

By Kendall Westgate, From learning to manage time freshman year to waking up at 4:30 a.m. sophomore year to riding three horses daily junior and senior year, the English equine program requires hard work, responsibility and lots of time management. Typically, a freshman class starts with 40-50 students, but typically ends with 15-20 students. […]

UF Football puts in hard work during offseason

By Richard Mast and Anthony Johnson, and UF’s football team works on finding the balance between their rigorous training schedule and class work. The football team shared their high hopes for next season and look to make strides in the 2024 offseason with a reloaded roster.  Along with attending classes, the team participates […]

Caught studying

Students at UF share a bit about their favorite places to study By Brooke DeSnyder, When finding a place to study and catch up on homework, students tend to work at the CBSL, AMU or Shafer Library on campus. However, students may choose to study in these different locations due to the atmospheres they […]