Applications for campus housing add up as deadline approaches

By Anthony Johnson

Many friends and classmates have been working together to figure out their living situations for next year. The University of Findlay housing applications opened for students; Students requested roommates and housing before the deadline reaches for selection which begins March 6.

University of Findlay offers multiple different living options including group houses, townhouses, two-bedroom apartments, special interest houses, single occupancy apartments, theme houses and dormitory halls. Each living option has a room selection deadline, so students can prepare for which living option they want to select.

For students to apply for housing, they must complete the Returning Student Housing Application form. Students with the most credit hours completed will have the first right to select their house.

Students can only match with housing that matches the size of their group; for example, a group of five applying for a house will only be eligible for houses that have five beds. To add on, students get the choice to pick which room they want, based on what is available. Students can only pick their room once. It is recommended by UF that students have a second option in mind for living, in case the student/group does not get the housing they want.

Freshman Will Aljancic applied for UF Haven and UF Village as a second option for his first year on campus, but he ended up assigned to UF Haven.

The process for applying for living options differs depending on what the student is looking for.

“We offer returning students’ options to meet potential roommates via our housing portal,” UF Housing & Residence Life Office said. “Those who select a room alone, are likely to have another student self-select into the same room or will be assigned a roommate at a later date.”

The Housing & Resident Life Office mentioned that most students pick their own roommates rather than selecting a random roommate.

“For a dorm, you just submitted one roommate; for a house you submit multiple roommates because the house is for four or five people,” Aljancic said.

For Aljancic sophomore year, he is looking to live in a house, but he still enjoyed his time in the dorms.

“There is a good amount of room,” Aljancic said. “We also have a half bathroom here in Haven.”

Many students find roommates who have similar interests to them.

“Coach (Charlie) Ernst (UF head men’s basketball coach) did most of the work for me,” Aljancic said, who is on the basketball team. “I just submitted who I wanted to live with and where I wanted to live.”