Caught studying

Students at UF share a bit about their favorite places to study

By Brooke DeSnyder,

When finding a place to study and catch up on homework, students tend to work at the CBSL, AMU or Shafer Library on campus. However, students may choose to study in these different locations due to the atmospheres they offer.

When walking into CBSL, one of the first things people notice are students and faculty gathered at the tables on the main floor. Laptops, food and friends can be seen at most tables CBSL has to offer. However, the main area on the first floor is not the top choice of many students.

Ethan Underwood, a student studying in the AMU, shared his preference for studying in the CBSL.

“(I like studying in the) CBSL because the top area is very quiet,” Underwood said.

Dylan Schimmoeller, who is also a student at Findlay was caught studying in the top area of CBSL.

“(I like studying in the) CBSL because the top is quiet,” Schimmoeller said. “The lower (floor) is too rowdy.”

Many other students shared their dislike for how loud and busy the main floor of the CBSL is. Mary Ellis, however, was caught studying in the lower portion of CBSL off to the side at one of the tables near the bookstore.

“CBSL,” Ellis said. “I like the background noise; but sit here (off to the side) because its not as loud so I can lock in.”

The different parts of CBSL allow students a variety of noise options that help them best study, whether it’s loud in the crowd, a little background noise or quiet.

The Shafer Library was also a favorite amongst students. Typically, the library does not contain as many people as CBSL and offers designated silent areas upstairs.

Elizabeth Burns who enjoys studying at the library, but was caught studying in the AMU.

“(I like to do study in) the library because nobody is in there and it’s quiet,” Burns said.

Abi Lammers also liked the library due to how quiet it is.

The AMU received mixed reactions on whether students liked to study there. Burns and Underwood shared that they didn’t really enjoy it and were only there to meet friends.

However, Cassidy Watchman found that the AMU was her go-to study spot. She was only caught studying in the library due to the computer access.

“(AMU) is quiet, but not too quiet,” Watchman said.