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UF’s Campus Security introduces “Caught Parking Right”

Campus Security looks for a way to decrease parking tickets around campus with a new form of ticket By Magdelyn English, At 10:20 a.m. on Oct. 11, Campus Security at the University of Findlay sent out an email introducing a new type of parking ticket that students can receive. Campus Security sought out a […]

UF coaches weigh in University of Michigan controversy

Connor Stallions shown carrying a play sheet containing other teams signals. Photo Credits – Yahoo Sports

University of Findlay coaches discuss what the future will look like for the University of Michigan’s Football program By Mason Alberts, Mention the signal stealing scandal at the University of Michigan and you’re sure to see people line up on either side: “everyone does it” vs “they went too far.” Many news outlets report […]

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship sparks discussions

By Sam Hardenbergh, The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship continues to contribute to a boom in views for the NFL and also started drama between fans of Swift and the NFL. On Sept. 24, Taylor Swift arrived at the Chiefs vs. Bears game at Arrowhead Stadium causing a large increase in viewership. For […]

What does Issue Two mean for Ohioans?

Issue Two poses to legalize, commercialize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Ohio  By Lauren Wolters, While most discussion concentrates on Issue One for Ohio’s Nov. 7 election, the ballot also proposes another important issue for Ohio voters. This second proposed law, known as Issue Two, looks to commercialize, regulate, legalize and tax the adult […]

Pulse on politics: Issue One

By Kendall Westgate, When driving around Findlay, one perhaps noticed many signs along the roads stating Vote “No” on Issue One or Vote “Yes” on Issue One, which proves the controversy about this topic around the state of Ohio. Many people in this country are waiting to see what precedent Ohio may set on […]

Happy Halloween, Oiler Nation!

By Alyssa Burgei, With spooky season coming to an end, here’s some questions and answers from the University of Findlay students to keep the spirit of Halloween going. Q: What is your favorite Halloween candy? “Kit-kats,” Julianna Grindle said. “Caramel candy green apple suckers,” Shelby Rader said. “Snickers,” Desiree Vandale said. Q: What was […]

“Scaring away hunger” with the Canstruction Food Drive

By Megan Hite, Before hosting the 18th Annual Helping Hands Food Drive on Nov. 1, the University of Findlay is holding their third annual CANstruction contest for different clubs around campus in the College of Business building.  Campus organizations started constructing their can sculptures on Oct. 27 at 5 p.m. Different clubs and organizations […]

All American Quarter Horse Congress: a networking opportunity for equine students

By Annaliese Rizzo, The All-American Quarter Horse Congress (or informally known as Congress) just wrapped up for this year, but that means that University of Findlay western equestrian students made new contacts for future jobs. Every year, at the end of September, the All-American Quarter Horse Congress sets up at the Ohio Expo Center […]

Breaking the ice: is hockey coming to Findlay?

A club hockey team may be in the future of UF club sports By Paige Falk, A dedicated group of students is striving to bring an exciting addition to the University of Findlay’s recreational sports; a hockey club. Trey Downard, a passionate freshman at the University shares a vision and a goal. Downard is […]

Clery Act Report reveals high number of stalking cases at UF

Stalking incidents and how to handle them By Lauren Perry, Students at the University of Findlay may want to be aware of the recent trends in stalking incidents on their college campus. UF released the Clery Act Report for 2023 that includes detailed information regarding security and safety on campus. According to the report, […]

Japanese students adapt to life in the United States

Exchange students talk about life in the U.S. and the many differences from Japan By Grant Goodfellow, Exchange students from Japan moved to the University of Findlay for about two months ago and work to adjust to American education and culture. Transitioning to the college life is hard enough but imagine how much harder […]

The committee for the Watterson Institute for Ethical Leadership excited to transform UF

Dr. Sarah Fedirka shares her experience as the committee facilitator  By Lauren Wolters, On April 7, 2022, the University of Findlay announced the largest donation in its history from Billy and Brenda Watterson of $6 million, which kicked off the “Together We Will” campaign. The campaign has been raising money for various renovations and […]

Saddle up for a sermon

By Kendall Westgate, When training baby horses, fear can dictate groundwork and under-saddle training. However, a sermon that took place on campus recently at a meeting for two different University of Findlay student clubs helped students direct their fear in the right direction. Sophomore Sydney Taylor is an officer for one of the clubs. […]

Upward starts back up with the help of UF football players

UF football players offer their help to strengthen the football community around Findlay with Upward By Magdelyn English, If you walk by the new Champion’s Field on UF’s campus on Thursday evenings, the football players may look very young; that’s because it’s not UF’s football team on the field. Upward Flag football league, the […]

Freshmen thoughts and concerns on their lifestyle and academic changes at UF

First year students comment on their semester so far and the ways UF is here to help them By Lauren Perry, Students making the transition from high school to college can be overwhelmed with a completely different lifestyle, but The University of Findlay says it has many resources to help students combat this adjustment. […]

Students react to the dining options available

Two UF students share their thoughts on food available on campus  By Grant Goodfellow, There aren’t many things more important to everyday life than food. No matter who you are everyone needs to eat. At the University of Findlay there are many different dining options for students on campus. These include Henderson Dining Hall, […]

Findlay seniors share recommendations for future freshmen

Findlay seniors talk about what they missed their own first years, and offer advice to current and future freshmen for a better experience By Kate Dhuy, No senior wants to admit that they missed out during their college experience, but sometimes it just happens. As they begin to look towards graduation next semester, or […]

From roses to gold: a night out watching “The Golden Bachelor”

By Alyssa Burgei, This semester at the University of Findlay, Derrick’s Hangout in Koehler Fitness and Recreation Complex is offering a watch party of the reality TV show, “The Golden Bachelor.” The show will air every Thursday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. in Derrick’s Hangout. This spot offers multiple big TVs, couches to relax on and […]

50th anniversary celebration bridges WLFC past and present

UF’s radio station hosts a homecoming, anniversary celebration  By Lauren Wolters, The WLFC radio station at the University of Findlay celebrated its 50th anniversary during homecoming weekend with broadcasts at its station in the Alumni Memorial Union. The station hosted the celebration from 12:00-3:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 30.  “That’s a big marker, that’s […]

Excitement swirls around upcoming UF swim season

Restrepo wins silver in South American championship  By Lauren Wolters, The University of Findlay swim team includes members from all over the world including Denmark, Mexico, England and many others. Many of the members on the men and women’s team have an extensive swimming career that goes beyond the UF swim season. One such […]

New coaches for UF

By Sam Hardenbergh, The University of Findlay is welcoming seven coaches, either new to the University or new to their positions with the University. New coaches include Isaac White as the women’s basketball assistant coach, Amy Long as the head women’s lacrosse coach, Beth Hemminger as assistant coach with women’s lacrosse, Justin Fisher as […]

Pre-vet major finds happiness when switching to general animal sciences

Previous pre-vet major embarks on a new path in zoology alongside her creature friends at the Toledo Zoo By Kate Dhuy and Maggie English It’s not often you see a skink on a leash, but for junior Kayla Kennedy, it’s the norm. Kennedy originally came to Findlay for the pre-vet program, but her focus has […]

Celebrate fall with Jazzman’s fall flavors

By Lauren Perry and Annaliese Rizzo With the leaves changing and weather cooling down, Jazzman’s coffee shops at the University of Findlay now offer their fall flavors. Seasonal specials available at Jazzman’s include combinations of pumpkin, vanilla, caramel and even a chocolate covered pretzel drink. Jazzman’s employee Libbie Daboiko explained that some of the different […]

Upcoming event: mid-semester portfolio smash

By Alyssa Burgei, University of Findlay’s Writing Center in CBSL 136 is hosting a Mid-Semester Portfolio for ENGL 104 and ENGL 106 students on Wednesday, Oct. 4th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. with tutors, pizza, pop, fidget spinners and stress balls.  For the past 10 years, the Writing Center has hosted a mid-semester tune up to […]

Banjo holds memories: Band member shares the start of their passion for music

By Magdelyn English, There is an old banjo sitting in the corner. Its strings are old and broken. But its tunes aren’t lost; they are found in the fond memories and lessons learned. Kai Powell, a University of Findlay sophomore, reflects on the banjo that their grandfather passed down to them and how music […]

Preparation is never wasted on a team with intention

UF’s football team prepared intentionally long before homecoming weekend By Annaliese Rizzo, The University of Findlay homecoming is a time of year when fall weather sets in and families come from all over to enjoy the events put on by campus groups. Homecoming also means that football is back and anticipation is building. Riley […]

Resources available to freshman

By Kai Powell, During the first week of school at the University of Findlay, freshmen are presented with lots of information; but be week four, they may forget this information from stress, a sense of irrelevancy, or course work. The UF Academic Affairs says there are several resources freshmen can access, such as the […]

New counseling options may be unnoticed by students

Some students are still unaware of the new TimelyCare mental health services By Kate Dhuy, Students could miss out on the mental health benefits that TimelyCare offers this semester and not even realize it. TimelyCare, a tele-medicine focused company, recently partnered with the University of Findlay. They offer around the clock aid for students […]