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Millennials are ‘feeling the Bern’

Many college students find Sanders a more trustworthy than Clinton By Ashley Summerfield @ash_summerfield The 2016 Presidential race has put a new twist on politics with the help of some radical candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Sanders, a Vermont Senator and Democratic Socialist, is polling closely with Hillary Clinton and recently defeated her […]

Student-led voter forum

Findlay Media Network will host Oilers Pulse on Politics By Sarah Stubbs @sarahxstubbs The Findlay Media Network is sponsoring a student voter forum, Oilers Pulse on Politics, on Feb. 22 and March 7 to help spur political discussion and awareness before the Ohio primary election on March 15. Both forums will be recorded by UFTV […]

What do UF students really know about politics?

50 percent of students sometimes pay attention, 21 percent seldom By Jacob King @JacobKingj4 Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are well known for supplying the humor of presidential campaigns and poking fun at candidates. Past the satire, what do UF students really know about politics? According to a Twitter poll conducted by the […]

What’s up with Trump?

The presidential hopeful funds his own campaign, says anything By Ashley Summerfield @ash_summerfield The 2016 presidential race has been anything but ordinary with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the mix. From slamming Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during the first Republican presidential debate in August to his countless questionable comments used throughout debates and daily life […]

Debate update: Trump and Cruz dominate, O’Malley struggles to be heard

By Ashley Summerfield @ash_summerfield The 2016 presidential race has been underway for the past several months.  In the past week, candidates have participated in further debates, in hopes of gaining nomination from their party to run for the presidency. The 6th GOP debate took place in South Carolina on Jan. 14. Seven Republican candidates took […]

College students ‘uncertain and concerned’ about America’s future

Mix of disinterest and activism on campus By Jacob King and Ashley Summerfield @JacobKingj4        @ash_summerfield The 2016 presidential race has been one filled with bold statements, an abundance of Republican candidates, and memes of Donald Trump’s hair. Students are all privy to these pop culture renditions of the election, but what do UF students really […]

Presidential race 2016: A recap of the recent debates

By Ashley Summerfield @ash_summerfield In the past several weeks, the race for the 2016 President has continued as candidates have participated in debates within the two major parties. Each candidate has his or her own style and tactic when it comes to participating in these debates and this helps viewers get to know the candidates […]

Where are UF’s Democrats?

College Republicans is an active club on campus, College Democrats is nonexistent By Pulse Staff After two years on the campus of The University of Findlay, the College Democrats club is no more. With a presidential race heating up, it leaves the political representation on campus unbalanced. The UF College Republicans is in full swing […]

Political awareness and activism at UF

UFCR and SGA host “Best Party on Campus” By Sarah Stubbs @sarahxstubbs Almost 300 University of Findlay students made an appearance at a recent voter registration event on campus, which student leaders say is nearly triple the turnout of last year’s event. But, despite the big showing, students say political activism still lacks at UF. […]

Issues 2 and 3: Hot topics at UF

Stolick addresses stigma, fears surrounding marijuana legalization By Kevin Schrock @KRock_6 Although Issue 3 failed on Tuesday, Nov. 4, The University of Findlay held two events that aimed to inform students about Issue 3: the “Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative,” before they hit the voting booths or casted their absentee ballots. The first presentation took place […]