Meet the editor

UF junior Kendall Westgate is the new managing editor for Pulse news

Column by Kendall Westgate

With the new school year under way, UF Pulse looks forward to providing you, the readers, the most updated and important news. In order to do this, I, junior Kendall Westgate, was promoted to the managing editor position.

I feel very honored to be appointed to this position, since I enjoy working with others and informing the campus of news.

My major is English Equine Studies with an Eventing emphasis with minors in Digital Media and Business Management. Along with being the managing editor of the Pulse, I am also the co-captain of UF’s Eventing team. Spring 2023 semester I took the newswriting class with Prof. Amy Rogan, which reignited my spark for journalism.

Starting my sophomore year of high school, I joined the journalism class where I was quickly promoted to Editor-in-Chief my second semester. Throughout that position, I worked on writing stories weekly, editing staff writers’ stories, designing newspaper pages and working with my adviser to create a weekly posting schedule for the website and print paper.

With this experience in mind, I look forward to bringing my skills to the Pulse’s news media team. I will be working with adviser Amy Rogan to create an online posting schedule, coming up with story ideas, editing stories from the student reporters and writing my own stories. I hope to create a posting schedule where new stories will be posted every Friday of each school week.

Our mission statement is “The Pulse is an award winning-well respected newspaper at the University of Findlay. The staff and adviser have a commitment to the consumer/readers/students of UF to provide quality, informative news content. News is the heart of any newspaper, and the Pulse works to cover stories from every angle and ask all the questions the readers will ask.” This means a lot to me, since an honest, trustworthy news source is needed in today’s society. We will be writing stories and covering news with this mission statement in mind throughout the year.

With that being said, if anyone has potential story ideas in mind, please email at I love to hear anyone’s feedback they have on the Pulse, so we can better our publication for the UF community.

Also, if anyone is looking for a job around campus, we are hiring student reporters. This is a great opportunity to get engaged on campus. Even if you are new to journalism style writing, you can take the news writing class with Prof. Rogan or I can help teach you how to write these stories until you can take the course.

Thank you to the community for letting us inform you about timely and engaging news. Stay tuned for weekly stories published on the Pulse.