Content Creator Spotlight with JereMiah Jackson

Aurel Toska is a junior at the University of Findlay majoring in Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Social Studies. Pulse’s JereMiah Jackson sat down with Aurel Toska to talk about the content he is creating with his Findlay Talks podcast.

Q: What inspired Findlay Talks?

A: What inspired Findlay Talks is my wanting to give people in the community a platform. There is a lot of talent at the university and the area itself that goes unnoticed. A lot is going on here in Findlay making it easy to overlook some of the clubs, sports teams, and individual talent we have, so I wanted to make sure that those who do not have that common platform share what they are doing have one.

Q: Do you see Findlay Talks as a potential career?

A: If it comes to seeing this as a potential career I mean it would definitely be something I would love to do. If it gets to the point where it is possible that this could be a career I could see myself pursuing it, but if not I am more than happy with my major and becoming a teacher.

Q: What do you want people to know about Findlay Talks?

A: Something that I want people to know is that anyone is welcome on the show! As I mentioned earlier there is a lot of talent in the area, and it’s hard to see all of it, so if there is anyone out there who has something that they want to share they are more than welcome to reach out to us and come on the show.

Q: Where did the name Findlay Talks come from?

A: The name Findlay Talks does not really have anything special to it. It was just something that just popped into my head and I really liked it so I decided to roll with it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Findlay Talks?

A: My favorite thing about Findlay Talks is talking with the guests that come in. The guests always have a lot to share and it’s great to share some laughs with them as well. When talking to them there is always something new that I learn which never fails to amaze me.

Q: What platforms can people listen to Findlay Talks?

A: People can check out new episodes on Spotify and Apple Podcasts by just typing in Findlay Talk, with episodes dropping every Thursday at 10 am. They can also follow us on Instagram at Findlay talks as well as YouTube videos coming soon!

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