Thoughts with profs: be the glue

Alex Davis, Instructor of Teaching in Communication, 88.3 WLFC radio manager,

I believe we need to be the glue.

Glue, bridges the gap. Glue brings two items together that otherwise would not have been able to come together. Glue, as a substance, can be viewed similarly to the way that an individual in society creates a pathway for successful relationships to others around them. This can include unity between peers, colleagues and teammates, and many other domains for which we are “required” to interact with one another.

Glue is like double sided tape, but much stronger. The concept “holds” the same nonetheless. We should all attempt to achieve to be glue in one way or another. Sometimes as time has progressed, the glue may wear off or not be as strong as it once was when first applied.

What do we do when this happens? In some cases, the unity or bond is meant to be let-go-of; therefore, new glue need not be reapplied. Coerced cohesion is not always the best.

However, when a relationship has indeed lost its connection, but is searching for reestablishment – it is great to reapply a new layer of glue. Hopefully, this allows the connection to last for even longer than it previously did.

There are several factors that come into play that may divide two different things or individuals, but figuring out what is or what isn’t the glue can be an aiding factor in assisting the relationship between two different sides altogether.

There are different kinds of glue. Glue for different purposes. Not all glue types are needed nor work for every situation. Be mindful of the glue you choose to apply to your situation.

Be the glue when you deem fit.

Be the glue when life needs you to be the glue.

Be the glue when God tells you to be the glue.