Strike up the band! Four reasons you should think about joining Oiler bands

Column By Krissy Johnson

As someone who has participated in the Oiler marching, pep, and concert bands all four years of college at the University of Findlay, I highly recommend that students join the band program for multiple reasons.

            The Oiler bands are directed by Dr. Wes King who started his career at UF in 2020. The first reason I believe students should join band is because of the family aspect. Band provides many new lifelong friendships. During marching and concert band, there are band bonding events, such as movies related to music we’re playing, section bonding, and even cookouts at Dr. King’s house with his wonderful family.

Band also provides the opportunity to meet new people from different majors. UF does not have a music major, so everyone is there because they enjoy making music. Every student comes from different music backgrounds and skill levels which provides new insights.

                        The second reason I believe students should join band is because it provides scholarships. Marching band and pep band scholarships are received by participating in the ensembles. Concert band scholarships are received by taking a lesson on your instrument. The lessons are beneficial, because they help build confidence and there is a sense of achievement after performing in your recital. Lessons are also beneficial, because you can learn new instruments. I went from playing clarinet full-time to learning how to play French horn, violin, and piano, as well.

            The third reason I believe students should join band is because it gives an opportunity to show leadership. During marching band, students have the opportunity to be President, Vice President, Secretary, Drum Major, Section Leaders, Uniform Managers, and Equipment Managers. I have been the marching band Secretary and Dr. King’s student assistant for two years, and I have definitely grown in many aspects from my leadership position.

            The fourth reason I believe students should join band is because playing music can be relaxing and stress-relieving. As we all know, college can be really stressful, so having a fun class to take our minds off of our stressful ones is very beneficial. Band also provides some fun whether it be spending some time with your friends, playing fun music, or Dr. King’s dad jokes.

            At UF you can join marching band in the fall and pep band in the spring. Wind Ensemble is a student-only audition band, Symphonic Band is a student and community member band, Jazz Ensemble is a student-only audition band, and Civic Band is a student and community member band that runs during the summer.

            Participating in the Oiler bands has definitely been one of my favorite parts about coming to school at UF. I will always recommend the program to anyone and everyone here. You will be able to find me in the Civic Band, Symphonic Band and marching at the alumni football games after graduation.

If you have any questions regarding the Oiler bands, Dr. King can be reached at

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