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Dear Freshman Me: An incoming senior takes a look back at lessons learned over the last three years.

Column   Twitter: @alana_sundy23 One week away from my last first day of school, ever. I can’t decide if I am excited or sad. I’m excited because I only have one more year until I get to experience all the possibilities the real world has to offer, but I’m sad because I only have one […]

A letter to my college athlete in the midst of COVID-19

The battle against COVID-19 is a serious fight. And it’s taken some things away from the normalcy of our lives. Of course everyone understands the importance of the measures taken to cancel the spring athletic season, It doesn’t make the cancellation any less sad for the athletes and their families, especially the seniors. The following […]

From Green Hill Zone to the top of the box office

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   After releasing  what may have been the worst trailer of all time, where a talking hedgehog looked like a demon sent to scare everyone in the universe, Sonic the Hedgehog made my least anticipated movie list. But what Sega, Paramount, and all else involved did that no others seem to […]

Is this the Reds year?

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With spring training getting underway, it’s time to talk about my favorite team in all of sports, the Reds. If you would have asked me if the Cincinnati Reds, my favorite MLB team (sorry, Cleveland), were the favorites for the National League (NL) Central after another “rebuilding” (really having high […]

The stars come out Sunday night

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   2019, what a year in film. From the return of Quentin Tarantino to Parasite taking the awards season by storm. And of course, Marriage Story being the best Netflix movie ever released (sorry, Irishman and Roma), it was a great year for movies. The year that was 2019 will finally […]

The Gentlemen: unique, confusing, and hilarious all in one movie

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   So far so good this January, with now two very good movies in back to back weeks, it’s nice to see films that are worth going to see. First Bad Boys for Life, now The Gentlemen, I am hopeful this is the sign of what’s to come in 2020…good films […]

What game delays really mean

By:Collin Frazier @Collin_53   We truly are in the golden era of video games. With better technology and more money invested in stories, artwork, voice acting, gameplay, and musical scores, video gaming is now receiving the recognition it deserves as art. However, even with so much invested, one dilemma with gaming is when to […]

When less is more: Oiler Nation is the place to be

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53   For some people going to college, it’s about going somewhere where you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people of different backgrounds in a place unknown. For me, that was last year. I was a first-year going to THE (Yes, I am doing it that way) Ohio State University hoping […]

Mangold’s Ford v. Ferrari zooms past finish line

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   I’m usually not one for movies involving racecars unless we’re talking Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. But with awesome co-lead performances from Matt Damon and Christian Bale, James Mangold’s Ford v. Ferrari, albeit a tad long, is a fantastic movie. We follow Carroll Shelby (Damon), the owner of Shelby American, and Ken […]

Are we celebrating Christmas too early?

By: Olivia Wile Email: Twitter: o_wile   Here we are again. The days are getting shorter and shorter, the temperature is drastically cooler and leftover Halloween decorations and candy now sit in the clearance aisle. Another spooky season has come and gone and now we wait patiently to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving, at least […]

Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit proves that even Nazi Germany can be funny

  Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   Even though it was hard to find a theater near me to watch this movie, it was well worth the hour drive to see Taika Waititi’s latest film, Jojo Rabbit. While I can see this movie being very divisive an some may hate it. But to me, the seamless […]

My home is on fire…AGAIN

By: Madi DeVries Email:   Born and raised in Southern California, I am very used to natural disasters, like earthquakes, droughts, and fires. I live in Mission Viejo, which is located on the south side of Orange County, California. Mission Viejo has a population of about 96,000 people crammed into just over 17 square […]

Chalamet-led film, The King, falls short of taking the crown

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   With yet another major release for Netflix, The King hit the streaming service last Friday. Starring Timothée Chalamet and Robert Pattison, the movie has potential but never truly reaches it because of a boring story and not much else besides a great performance from Chalamet. Even being a Netflix movie […]

Dolemite is his name and being a very good movie is his game

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   In what may be Eddie Murphy’s best acting role since Shrek, Dolemite is my Name came to Netflix last Friday. With a great cast and a career-best performance from Eddie Murphy, it is well worth the two hours on Netflix.   Dolemite is my Name follows the life of Rudy […]

Zombieland: Double Tap: While it may be a little unnecessary, makes up in humor and action

By: Dylan Frazier Email: frazierd@findlay,edu Twitter: @dylanfrazier44   The year was 2009, gas prices were through the roof, Obama just took office, and iPod Touches were the coolest thing ever made. We also began to see the first wave of zom-coms (zombie comedies) come out and very few had the acclaim that Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland […]

Gemini Man—a boring, uninspired movie—with even worse CGI

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 I’m all for different ideas but they have to work. And for me, Gemini Man simply does not work. From its miserable script to very weird CGI, the film starring Will Smith is maybe one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen this year. That said, it isn’t even close to the […]

The Prince of Crime laughs his way to the top of the box office—Phoenix shines in Joker

Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 In what may be the third-most hyped movie of the year behind Avengers and Star Wars, Todd Phillips’ Joker came out amidst all the controversy that surrounded its release. For those who do not know, the FBI got a tip that someone on the dark web had planned to […]

Is homecoming a blast from the past?

By: Olivia Wile Email: Twitter: @o_wile Another University of Findlay Homecoming has come and gone, but not without plenty of family-oriented activities, a classic homecoming football game, and lots of black and orange ribbons. Colleges and universities join UF in keeping the classic homecoming celebration alive. According to, a couple universities take credit […]

Rambo: Last Blood is exactly what I thought it would be

Dylan Frazier Twitter: @dylanfrazier44   Rambo: Last Blood hit theaters two weeks ago and it’s exactly what it was meant to be, an insane action movie with completely unrealistic fights and explosions. So, what the movie lacks in story, and it definitely lacks in that department, the completely mindless action helps make it a […]

Ad Astra aims for the stars, but doesn’t quit reach them

By: Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44 In a shocking turn of events, I liked a movie about strippers stealing money from Wall Street guys more than a movie about astronauts exploring the solar system. Coming off of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I was totally ready to see another movie starring Brad Pitt, […]

A little but strong storm

By: Cory Berlekamp Email:        Twitter: @Cberlekamp She stormed the shores of New York in a sailboat. The Swedish 16-year-old, Greta Thunberg, came to the UN Climate Action Summit to make sure that those world leaders would hear her sound and fury.            I have heard all sorts of opinions on Thunberg; from “what a brave […]

The Webhead’s Fate Is Hanging by A Thin Web

Collin Frazier Twitter: @Collin_53   For anyone who is a big Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan such like myself, you were probably excited during the Captain America: Civil War trailer when it was revealed that almost 14 years after first appearing in theaters, Spider-Man was finally joining the MCU, and who wouldn’t have been? […]

Wu and Lopez shine in Hustlers

By: Dylan Frazier Email: Twitter: @dylanfrazier44   Based on a true story, Hustlers is another great example that Hollywood can do movies that aren’t reboots or about superheroes. Hustlers, starring Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez, is great story with a great cast that helps propel the movie to another level.   Hustlers follows the […]

Are Mindful Apps a Waste of Time?

By: Emma Smith Email: Twitter: @Emma2000Smith   You open up your app store and see the categories labeled Health & Fitness or Productivity. Inside these categories, you will find hundreds of different apps promising to make you more productive, less forgetful, sleep better, and help reduce your anxiety. Are these apps as effective as […]