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Gov. Pence has ‘fixed’ Religious Freedom Restoration Act — for now

By Clay Parlette @claypar111 We’ve all had our share of the media hype surrounding Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act – and rightfully so. Not only was the law unnecessary in its nature, but it also presented a significant threat to a group of people that already face significant harassment and alienation as it is. […]

Starbucks brews controversy through ‘Race Together’ campaign

By Abbey Nickel @abbeynickel Findlay might not have a Starbucks, but the popular coffee chain was a hot topic not only here, but across the country over the last week. For those that haven’t heard, Starbucks chief executive Howard Shultz decided to use the coffee cups in his stores to try and heal the racial […]

College students: Let’s embrace wanderlust while we’re young

Julianna Koballa  @UFPulseKoballa As I sit in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri for the NCAA division 1 wrestling tournament, I reminisce on all the traveling I have done in my life. If it weren’t for my parents dragging me to wrestling tournaments, or playing all over the Midwest for softball tournaments, I don’t […]

End-of-semester stress is commencing, eight tips to help you chill out

By Sarah Stubbs Being that there are only about six weeks left of the spring semester and the home stretch to finals is approaching, the stress and pressure to either keep your grades up or raise them are in full swing, too. Final project proposals, exams, papers, meetings, and applying to internships, jobs, and scholarships […]

Safe Ride Home: The perfect St. Patty’s Day service

By Kelsey Nevius As spring approaches, the weather grows warmer and things just seem to get brighter as a whole. Though the winter months held holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we now move on to warmer holidays like Easter and Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s Day, which was originally a Christian day of observance honoring […]

Spread the word: Everyone must stop using the ‘r’ word

By Julianna Koballa @UFPulseKoballa “That’s so… absurd, childish, weird, dull, illogical, senseless, uncool, trivial, pointless… and you choose retarded? Buy a dictionary.” This has probably been one of my favorite memes since I became part of STRIDE here at Findlay. STRIDE stands for “Students Teaching Respect for Individuals with Disabilities Every day.”Ask any member of […]

Opinion: Small acts of kindness can conquer devastation, rebuild communities

By Sarah Stubbs  Co-editor  Remember the Ebola scare? When everyone and their brother was fearing contraction of the awful virus because according to the CDC there have been four confirmed cases of Ebola and one death as a result of it in the entire United States? Logical, right? Comparing the United States’ numbers to Liberia, […]

Rising costs should demand higher value at universities

By Chase Troxell When it comes to hands-on learning, The University of Findlay gets it right—compelling each student in every major to do some kind of an internship, whether that is as direct as student teaching for an entire semester or working on one of its literary journals. At the same time, UF is […]

Ice bucket challenge may not be spreading awareness

Julianna Koballa @UFPulseKoballa Scroll through any social media and you will witness this phenomenon. You’ve participated and your sister has participated. Brother, mother and all other relatives have shown their support in ALS research through the ice bucket challenge. It’s almost toxic to the eyes. For me personally, I have watched every single 15 second […]

Schools need to focus on stress not security

By Brooke Boznango @missboznango Some of you may have noticed that Findlay High School is going under construction. What you are seeing is the construction of a new safety entrance. When it is finished, visitors will pass through the safety entrance if they want to enter the building, virtually eliminating the possibility of slipping by […]