Oilers: Budget those Bonus Bucks

By Kelsey Nevius

It’s that time of year again. The new school year is upon us, but as freshman, you are starting a totally new chapter in your lives. New school, new classes, new living arrangements, new friends, and that really only scratches the surface. Everything is new to you, and most of it will have you contemplating how you’re ever going to juggle everything together and have it turn out okay. So, let me tell you about one thing you can manage: your Bonus Bucks.

Hopefully, you know at least a little about Bonus Bucks. Bonus Bucks are added onto your OilerOne Card when you purchase a meal plan. For example, if I chose Meal Plan #2, I would have 14 meals a week available at Henderson Dining Hall as well as 155 Bonus Bucks. These Bucks are used in place of cash when you go out to a restaurant that accepts them. Each Bonus Buck is equivalent to one dollar. While they can be used on campus for Henderson or coffee at Jazzman’s, they are also accepted at places like Domino’s Pizza, George House, Penn Station, and Iggy’s.

Now, while going out to eat and using your Bonus Bucks may seem like a great idea all of the time, make sure to budget them. Don’t go to Jazzman’s every day and buy a coffee to get you through your early morning class, because you might run out halfway through the semester. But, if you don’t use them fast enough, know that your extra Bonus Bucks you saved do not carry over to the next semester. The same goes with Henderson swipes, as they don’t carry over into the next week. Try to find balance between the two. Go out to eat with your friends, but make sure to use your Henderson swipes and watch how many Bonus Bucks you have left. I recommend using the Bucks to treat yourself. Grab a coffee or baked good from Jazzman’s when you really need it, and go out to eat with friends to de-stress.

Though there are a lot of new things being thrown at you, take the time to learn and get used to everything. Ask questions and try new things. Watching your Henderson swipes and how many Bonus Bucks you have left isn’t necessarily fun, but they are steps you take to become a true Oiler.

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