Campus slang at The University of Findlay

By Jake Miller 


Welcome back fellow Oilers! As the cliché goes, college life can be a big transition for incoming freshmen. Different schedules to learn, new faces and people to meet, a roommate to befriend as well as several other tasks. Campus slang happens to be a part of that transition, so allow me to help you out.

One of the toughest slang terms to get used to is “beaches” or otherwise known as the Edward & Joice Brewer Center for the Health Sciences. Think of “beaches” as what you would say if you saw BCHS in a tweet. “BCHS” is the abbreviation for the Brewer Center for the Health Sciences building. Classrooms and labs for graduate students in the health professions, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, and athletic training can be found in this building. BCHS is occasionally used for undergraduate classes and club meetings so keep it on your radar in case it shows up in an email or schedule.

Possibly the most important and most commonly used slang term across campus is “Hendo.” It refers to Henderson Dining Hall, located on Frazier Street near Lovett and Deming dorm halls. If you are near a group of students and the word “Hendo” comes up you will know what they are talking about.

Most college campuses have rec centers where students go to exercise, athletic teams practice, and large campus events are hosted. On UF’s campus we refer to our rec center as the “FRC,” meaning the Koehler Fitness and Recreation Complex. This building includes the cardio center, weight room, indoor track, and various locker rooms. If you are interested in an intramural sport, sign-up information can be found there as well.

“The Ville” is another phrase to keep in mind on campus. It is not widely used by students but occasionally you will hear it. “The Ville” refers to one of the dorms on campus, The Village. Located just across the street from another dorm, The Haven, The Village is a hub for extracurricular activities. Inside you will find The Rig, an on campus restaurant, meeting rooms for student organizations including the Pulse, 88.3 WLFC, the campus radio station, as well as several others.

Now that you know your way around UF and are hip to some of the unique lingo, let us switch to the digital part of campus. Most of us are familiar with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Connect with other Oilers or just celebrate UF by using #OilerNation when you post photos, statuses, or tweets of your student life and activities on campus and get connected with The University of Findlay on a whole new level.

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