UF student wears many hats and does it with style

By Alexander Davis, Faculty Adviser for 88.3 WLFC the Pulse radio


JereMiah Jackson is not LeBron James. I say that for two reasons. 1. JereMiah constantly refers to himself as Bron whenever he is doing anything. Let’s be real though, it makes sense. LeBron James is arguably the greatest athletes of all time – on and off the playing surface. It’s much like an individual shouting ‘Kobe’ when they go to throw something in the trashcan. Why not approach something one is doing by emulating some of the greatest to ever do it. 2. JereMiah Jackson is JereMiah Jackson. He is not LeBron James nor should he be or aspire to be. He can’t be LeBron James. Nor can LeBron James be JereMiah Jackson. Nobody can.

I met JereMiah Keith Jackson a year and some change ago as he was my first hire for 88.3 WLFC. I was referred to him by Professor Amy Rogan and I couldn’t be more appreciative. Coming into my first year as Faculty Advisor I was tasked with growing the radio station. There’s more to it than that, but broadly put that’s what it looks like. One of the major components of making this happen required expanding student staff. There were only three students on staff at the time so anyone that wanted to join was welcome. There was essentially no leg work with JereMiah’s hire as he was brought to my figurative doorstep. I didn’t have to find him or search for him in one of my classes. I immediately noticed his hunger in various aspects of life. One of those being content creation. He had a YouTube channel titled, KagelvlTV which he had only recently began at the time. Now it is booming, blooming, and blossoming! 

WLFC DJ Preston Burcham, artist and professional athlete Trey Lewis, and Jackson at the NBA All-Star Weekend 2022 in Cleveland.

Not only was JereMiah ready to create content, but polish his on-air skills and hone-in on interviewing. He is a music head with a good ear which is something I appreciated. I’ve seen him get out of comfort zone whether it be at a media room or outside of a baseball stadium and more. His drive, compassion, willingness to learn, listening skills, and want, to help others is inspiring. He teaches his fellow peers how to edit video through iMovie and Adobe Premier and often gets them out of their own individual comfort zones.

JereMiah has taken on three new roles this academic year. They are as follows:

  • President: UFDM
  • General Manager: 88.3 WLFC
  • Digital Editor: The Pulse
Jackson leading the meeting for the UFDM club on Aug. 29.


Mind you, as he takes on these new positions, he is a full-time athlete on the football team (#12), full-time student majoring in Business and dedicated Rod Wave enthusiast. Point being – this guy is a worker (and enjoys sad music). If he wants it, he is going to get it. I am forever in debt to JereMiah for providing me an energy I was never privy too. It’s contagious. If you see JereMiah on campus or social media – 1. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and 2. Tell him congratulations!

I am extremely eager to see where life takes JereMiah and where JereMiah takes life. When he wins, I win. I’ll leave you with this. LeBron James is not JereMiah Jackson. He never will be nor could he be. JereMiah Jackson is the only JereMiah Jackson.

Check out this question and answer session between Davis and Jackson to find out more about the plans Jackson has for student media.

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