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Marvel Mania: What’s coming in MCU Phase 5

By Graham Shore The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most popular franchises in movie history. Here is a look at Phase 5 according to articles published in July by Julia Glassman in “Here’s How the MCU Phase 5 Timeline Will Play Out” and Laura Martin in “The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase […]

Anime makes a home in the hearts of UF students

By Desiree Smith and Pulse Staff The rise of anime has reached University of Findlay with booming interest from students all around campus.  Growing up with shows like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Avatar: The Last Airbender and even getting the chance to view anime in theatres, this generation has given leeway to a […]

Athlete of the Week: Simone Green

By Jordan Grimes and Pulse Staff University of Findlay track team member Simone Green is a junior Business Administration Major with an emphasis in marketing and she holds a long list of accolades from her time at UF. In the 2021-22 season UF Athletics reports Green has won a number of awards. All-region by […]

Business savvy all tied up in a BOW

By Aurel Toska and Pulse Staff The stigma in the past surrounding the business field was that it was a male dominated field, however, Business Oriented Women (better known as BOW) is here to put an end to that. BOW is a student club at the University of Findlay. Gracie Clement, the president of […]

Content Creator Spotlight with JereMiah Jackson

Aurel Toska is a junior at the University of Findlay majoring in Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Social Studies. Pulse’s JereMiah Jackson sat down with Aurel Toska to talk about the content he is creating with his Findlay Talks podcast. Q: What inspired Findlay Talks? A: What inspired Findlay Talks is my wanting to give people in the […]

170 pounds of emotional support makes an impact on campus

By Natalie Wertz @natalieeele_ The Great Dane, Diesel, has been making his way around UF’s campus. But he’s not just a pet. If you spend a lot of time on The University of Findlay’s campus, you may often see dogs. A man’s best friend and our cuddly sweet companion yet, most of these dogs […]

Portfolio prep and pizza—perfect pairing!

Writing Center Portfolio Smash! workshop set for Sept. 14 By Pulse Staff If the idea of getting some help with your portfolio won’t get you through the Writing Center door, maybe the pizza and fidget spinners will. According to Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center Harley Ferris, Ph.D., the Writing Center […]

UF student wears many hats and does it with style

By Alexander Davis, Faculty Adviser for 88.3 WLFC the Pulse radio JereMiah Jackson is not LeBron James. I say that for two reasons. 1. JereMiah constantly refers to himself as Bron whenever he is doing anything. Let’s be real though, it makes sense. LeBron James is arguably the greatest athletes of all time – on […]

UFDM Club president Q&A about what is ahead for student media

By Alex Davis Student, athlete, and creator, JereMiah Jackson is taking on some big roles this academic year. Not only is he a full-time student majoring in Business and full-time starting athlete on the football field, but he is now the President of UFDM, General Manager of 88.3 WLFC, and Digital Editor for The […]

Where are UF student athletes spending their Derrick Dollars?

By Jeremiah Jackson and Pulse Staff At the University of Findlay students have options for dining. They can go to Henderson Dining Hall or they can head to The Refinery, which is the food court located in the Center for Student Life and College of Business building on Davis Street. The Refinery includes, The […]

Overcoming glitches and working out the kinks

By Andy Milligan and Pulse Staff If you haven’t already seen, there’s been a robot invasion on the University of Findlay campus. And the intruders are yielding Chinese food and Jazzman’s coffee. UF and corporate catering partner Sodexo introduced Kiwibot food delivery service to deliver food to students and faculty on campus. You’ve probably seen […]

University working on Monkeypox protocol

While much less common than COVID-19, the University says it is working on a protocol for Monkeypox in an effort to keep students safe. By Natalie Wertz @natalieeele_ The University of Findlay Emergency Operations Team is back at work looking over a suggested Monkeypox virus protocol drafted by the Cosiano Health Center at the […]

Ohio concealed carry law changes but not on campus

By Ethan Hockaday and Pulse Staff The University of Findlay Office of Campus Safety recently reminded the campus community that a new law regarding guns in Ohio went into effect over the summer and explained how it applies to them. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed the legislation into law on March 14 and it […]

Henderson Dining Hall receives more than just a ‘face lift’ 

The University of Findlay and Sodexo completed $1.5 million renovations.  Lauren Wolters  The University of Findlay and Sodexo finished renovations in Henderson Dining Hall just in time for the upcoming fall semester. Dining Services Marketing Coordinator, Riley McKinniss described some of the updates in an email interview.  “Many have referred to Henderson’s renovation as […]

These robots don’t byte, but they do deliver!

By Natalie Wertz @natalieeele If their artificial intelligence facial expressions and greetings don’t already make you fall in love with them, their deliveries sure will. A “robotic fleet” known as the Kiwibots are making their way to UF this fall semester, 2022. In partnership with Sodexo, the Kiwbot Delivery Service has implemented “500+ robots” […]

Nothing says “Welcome” like The Griffith Memorial Arch

By Pulse Staff Many universities have their traditions but the University of Findlay offers one that covers a whole range of emotions; excitement, fear, pride, a sense of accomplishment. It all comes from the Griffith Memorial Arch which stands at the end of a long sidewalk from North Main Street to Old Main. As the […]

Finals week is approaching…Here are resources and study tips for Oilers!

COMM251 Students working on their writing skills.

Tips to avoid test-anxiety and burnout during finals season. By Natalie Wertz With finals season approaching, you may find yourself dealing with test anxiety, stress, and feeling burnt out. But not to worry, The University of Findlay has some resources and tips for Oilers to make it through the end of the semester. “We’re advocates […]

Special Report: Invisible Injuries

Looking into UF’s mental health resources for student-athletes Twitter: taychristensen Instagram: taylorchristensen1 Concussions, broken bones, and life-altering injuries are no secret to a student-athlete. These types of injuries are very common occurrences, and it is normal to see an athlete bandaged up after a big game or a hard practice. But what the eye […]

Campus wide power outage disrupts life while University makes adjustments

By Pulse Staff The University of Findlay released plans on how to handle a long-term power outage on campus this evening. The first notification of the outage went out via Oiler Alert this morning around 9:30 a.m. and stated that AEP, the electric company that services campus was working on the problem. As of 6:15 […]

UF announces $6 million gift towards a new building

The Watterson Center for Ethical Leadership will take a few years to become reality but got a huge boost in fundraising for the project. By Pulse Staff The University of Findlay announced a $6 million gift from Billy and Brenda Watterson Thursday towards a new building on campus. The University says this is the largest […]

Did “ewe” know about the University of Findlay’s sheep showing team?

UF Sheep at the animal science building

By Addy Hankins @addy_hankins The University of Findlay says it offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand their horizons and gain experience in their desired career field. One of those ways is the University of Findlay’s Sheep Showing Team. “When I first started here, we showed sheep out in Sedalia, Missouri and […]

Series: What month is it?

You are probably very familiar with designations such as Black History Month in February and Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, but have you ever wondered what other kinds of “months” are out there? The Newswriting class at the University of Findlay decided to explore and highlight some of the more interesting honors bestowed on […]

Hitting high gear for holiday cheer

“Make Your Own Holiday Day” has people thinking about events that the community missed By: Emily Huynh If you could make a day to celebrate whatever you wanted, a book, a person, a historical day, or maybe even a day to celebrate you besides your birthday, now you can. Hug a Grump Day, National […]

Advocating for the advocates

Students celebrated National Social Work Month at advocacy day at the State House. By Alicyn McClish There are more than 700,000 social workers in the United States and the field is growing according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of those future social workers are training at the University of Findlay. “The […]

Sports injuries on the sidelines

National Cheerleading Safety Month By Aliza Stahl They flip, they lift, they fly. When you think of sports injuries, full contact sports like football probably come to mind. However, cheerleading can also cause many injuries. Kayla Bays is a third-year student and cheerleader at the University of Findlay. She started cheering in the third […]

UF Students get crafty

By Krissy Johnson and Pulse Staff @johnsonk2022 Whether crafting be for fun, mental health or business, University of Findlay students have multiple ways of celebrating National Craft Month. “Now that I know it’s National Craft Month I’m definitely excited,” Kaitlyn Adamic, UF freshman biology major said. “I can’t wait to see all the cool […]

What really gets you going?

By Natalie Wertz You probably better stop at four…experts say more than 400 milligrams of caffeine, or four cups of coffee, a day can lead to addiction and health conditions. “I know that you can get addicted to caffeinated stuff if you have too much of it,” University of Findlay freshman and exercise science […]

Bringing the Gospel of Matthew to the theatre

The University of Findlay Theatre faculty and students prepare to perform Godspell this spring By Krissy Johnson @johnsonk2022 The magical world of theatre peeked the interest of Robbie Riffle, senior University of Findlay Theatre Performance and Production double major, when he was in high school. His desire to build those magical stories landed him […]

3C Computer Repairs Re-opened

3C Computer Repairs re-opens and member share why it was temporarily shut down. By Addy Hankins @addy_hankins 3C Computer Repairs is officially re-opened to all University of Findlay students, faculty and anyone in the Findlay area who needs computer assistance. The announcement was made on Feb. 21 after being closed since the beginning of […]

Tips for transfer students

By: Aliza Stahl Transfer students are often a little lost coming to a new school after transferring from another institution — here are some tips to help There are first-time freshmen, there are gap-year students, and then there are transfer students. Students who have been through the transfer experience have to completely readjust to […]

Senior art exhibition displays dozens of works

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Three seniors take the stage during the University of Findlay art department’s senior student exhibition Every spring, the UF art department puts on a Senior Art and Design Exhibition for the department’s students graduating that semester. Seniors Breanna Gilbert, Mikaila Jennings, and Allie Meeker have a combined total of 42 […]

Oiler advice: College stress is real but manageable

By: Krissy Johnson @johnsonk2022 A first in the Oiler advice series: University of Findlay faculty and students discuss tips for managing stress in college With college comes stress, but the University of Findlay faculty and students recommend a wide variety of unique activities and tips to manage it well. As the semester progresses, students […]

UF Student Affairs and Athletics divisions revamp for the spring

Staff in both the Student Affairs Division and the Division of Athletics undergo restructures By Lauren Wolters Word count: 894 words As the spring semester ramps up, the University of Findlay’s Division of Student Affairs and Athletics Department adjusts to some restructuring. In an email interview, Brandi Laurita, Vice President of Student Affairs and […]