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Senior art exhibition displays dozens of works

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Three seniors take the stage during the University of Findlay art department’s senior student exhibition Every spring, the UF art department puts on a Senior Art and Design Exhibition for the department’s students graduating that semester. Seniors Breanna Gilbert, Mikaila Jennings, and Allie Meeker have a combined total of 42 […]

Oiler advice: College stress is real but manageable

By: Krissy Johnson @johnsonk2022 A first in the Oiler advice series: University of Findlay faculty and students discuss tips for managing stress in college With college comes stress, but the University of Findlay faculty and students recommend a wide variety of unique activities and tips to manage it well. As the semester progresses, students […]

UF Student Affairs and Athletics divisions revamp for the spring

Staff in both the Student Affairs Division and the Division of Athletics undergo restructures By Lauren Wolters Word count: 894 words As the spring semester ramps up, the University of Findlay’s Division of Student Affairs and Athletics Department adjusts to some restructuring. In an email interview, Brandi Laurita, Vice President of Student Affairs and […]

Five University of Findlay students help FBI solve cold cases in Detroit

By: Addy Hankins UF students helped FBI, Operation UNITED, identify missing persons Several University of Findlay students got the rare opportunity to work with the FBI in Detroit last summer. “It was awesome,” said Alicyn McClish, senior Forensic Biology student at the University of Findlay. “They didn’t treat us like kids.” McClish was one […]

Brrr! – Tips to keep your car running smoothly on the winter roads

By: Corinthia Webster Winter can be harsh on our cars – but don’t worry Oilers, UF Campus Security is here to help With the winter months upon UF’s campus, keeping their cars safe and running one may be plaguing student’s mind. The weather in Findlay has been icy with frigid temperatures, and although […]

UF athletes transition from university athletics to the real world

Two senior athletes reflect on their time at UF By Lauren Wolters Of the approximately 3,000 students who attend the University of Findlay, about 680 students participate in athletics according to the University. These 680 students get the opportunity to continue a sport they have most likely been participating in for many years, while […]

Main Street Deli, Expanding for Your Enjoyment!

By Matthew Miller-Search Maybe you want a sandwich or maybe you want to play pinball. Either way you can get it all in one place in downtown Findlay. The Main Street Deli has been a staple of the Findlay community serving up sandwiches for 32 years. The eclectic interior offers a small town vibe. […]

UF’s LGBTQ community from an LGBTQ student

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 University of Findlay student Nathan Bourne says he has put in a lot of work during his time at UF. Not just in the classroom, but in the community as well. “While I’m happy with what I’ve done at Findlay and the changes that I’ve made at Findlay, if I […]

Hungry students can get a helping hand

By Taylor Christensen University of Findlay students struggling to put food on the table may be able to get a hand. It’s a national program called “Swipe Out Hunger” and Riley McKinniss, the Unit Marketing Coordinator for the University of Findlay dining services says its available at UF. “We’ve been able to help a […]

UF students get a ‘taste’ of foreign language 

Japanese, Spanish, and ASL programs host a language tasting event  By Lauren Wolters  On Thursday Oct. 21, 2021, the University of Findlay held its second Foreign Language Festival. The event ran from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) multipurpose room. Dr. Hiro Kawamura, an Associate Professor of Japanese led […]

UF ‘greeks out’ in September

By: Lauren Wolters Greek Week at UF returns to normalcy The Kolor Run kicked off Greek Life’s Greek Week in the parking lot of Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) at 6 p.m. on Monday August 30. On Tuesday August 31 6-8 p.m., Phi Sigma Sigma gave away ice cream and held an ice cream eating […]

New year means sharpening time management skills

New UF students prepare for the high school to college transition By Sydney Kin                                                          As many students, and student athletes head to the University of Findlay campus this fall, some students may find it challenging to development time management.             Caitlin Bamberger, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at UF, […]

Financial literacy learning at the “Financial U”

By: Lauren Wolters The Union Bank Co. presents free financial literacy tools to all ages, especially college students The Union Bank Co. launched the Financial University, “the Financial U,” to improve financial literacy for all ages during April, which is also national financial literacy month. The Financial U is an external website that can […]

Of all the bird brain ideas…

UF students prep for research by learning to dissect pigeon brains By Heather Brimmer You normally wouldn’t think of pigeons when you think about research, but it turns out that those birdbrains are pretty useful to the study of psychology. For Taylor Hudson, a University of Findlay freshman studying animal science/pre-vet, pigeon research is […]

BREAKING NEWS: Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration temporarily paused

  By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913   Per State of Ohio update, all Johnson & Johnson vaccine administration have been paused as of Tuesday, April 13. This pause is in reaction to a statement released by the FDA recommending a stop due to an extremely rare blood clot occurring after receiving the vaccine.   […]

Uncertainty remains for Spring 2021 graduation

By: Sydney Kin Worries hound University of Findlay students while an altered graduation looms around the corner Graduation will continue to look different for the 2021 seniors, not unlike their predecessors from the class of 2020. “I personally think graduation will still be on in the Spring because there is a vaccine now,” Senior […]

Zoom welcomes unexpected visitors over quarantine

By: Samantha Adkins Pets are both a positive and negative addition to Zoom meetings Freshman Pre-Vet student, Aubrey Villard, glanced at her laptop screen, which was displaying a Brady Bunch collage of black squares, each with the name of a classmate. “I’m just zoning out,” she said. Villard admits she’s not always paying attention. […]

Surviving COVID: Tips for students

By: Heather Brimmer Getting through college is not an easy task. Getting through college during a global pandemic is even harder A year ago, students were returning from spring break and settling in to get back to work. Now, students at the University of Findlay are finding as many ways as they can to […]

Gerontology club looks forward to the future

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Stephanie Macke and the members of the Gerontology club at UF are not giving up on the elderly community in Findlay The elderly community is one of the most affected groups by COVID-19. According to the CDC, elderly people are 80 times more likely to by hospitalized by the coronavirus […]

More than a dozen cars vandalized on campus

University of Findlay Campus police sent out a UF Update via email shortly before 1 p.m. Friday March 5 requesting help in an investigation into vandalized cars on campus. The incident was discovered Friday morning in the parking lot behind the Davis Street Building. Fifteen cars were vandalized according to the University police. Some cars […]

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week stands out at UF

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Oilers Go All Out For Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week Faculty and staff appreciation week is a week of thanking each individual for the work they do for the students on campus and the people they are. The events occur throughout the week of March 1 with multiple days of […]

Looking back on the January inauguration

By: Heather Brimmer Vice President Kamala Harris inspires UF students and faculty Many months after the hotly debated and long-awaited election season began, Kamala Harris made United States history. Harris has officially broken racial and gender barriers that have been in place for more than 200 years. As the first woman vice president, the […]

Self-care in snowy weather

By: Heather Brimmer UF Counseling Services provides self-care packages for exhausted students Last week, the University of Findlay’s Counseling Services handed out self-care packages to many students that have been struggling with mental health during the pandemic. The boxes were filled with items such as gift cards, fidgets toys, and journals. More than 200 […]

“The Turnover” turns out

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Two UF students followed their dream of hosting a sports podcast— and they found growth within themselves Podcasts can be about anything. Humor, music, news, crime, politics, religion— literally anything that a person can think of can end up as a podcast, including sports (of course). Kelvin Reisenfield and Alex […]

UF’s theater program’s unique semester

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 The theater program has found ways to persevere through COVID-19 obstacles  The University of Findlay’s theater program has gone through many changes since COVID-19 entered the stage. But Meriah Sage, Assistant Professor of Theater at the University of Findlay, thinks that the coronavirus has hindered—and helped, the theater program last […]

All things, good and bad, must come to an end at some point…right?

Column By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As I sit here in my guest room in my house for the eighth straight day because I got coronavirus, it got me thinking about life after getting out of this guest room. When will it end? Will I be the same? Will I feel the same? I can […]

UFTV working to keep the community in the game

By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 Croy gymnasium on the University of Findlay campus is known for its “sixth man” presence. It’s legendary. The Findlay community embraces their favorite basketball teams and pack the stands at games. This basketball season that special ingredient will be missing from the Oiler basketball games as COVID-19 restrictions are keeping […]

UF’s Student Government Association looks to new and old COVID-19 policies for the spring semester

By Lauren Wolters University of Findlay’s Student Government Association (SGA) was highly involved in the university’s COVID-19 policies since they were first adopted this year.  Ashlyn Coleman, the Sergeant at Arms of the SGA says that at the SGA retreat this past August, much of the members’ attention was on the COVID-19 policies.  “We spent a decent portion of our […]

Two universities handle COVID-19 in slightly different ways

By Courtney Koebel @courtneykoebel      COVID-19 has changed campuses around the country. Some going to virtual learning and some still attending in person classes. The Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has given universities the freedom to create their own COVID-19 response and only required them to report their cases to the students and community […]

Under pressure

Students and staff open up about how they study and manage their stress. By Kayla Canterbury      Junior criminal justice and psychology major at the University of Findlay Alyssa McDonald is feeling the same as many other UF students. Stressed. As the final week of classes approaches at the University of Findlay, students are […]

Preparing for a very COVID-19 holiday

By Emma Smith With just days of face-to-face learning left for University of Findlay students thoughts are turning to Thanksgivings Day. UF junior education major, Hannah Otley, says Thanksgiving is going to look a little different at her house this year. She says her family is taking extra precautions to make sure their family […]

Ohio Governor pleads for public cooperation in stopping the coronavirus

UF continues ongoing adjustments and considerations  By Leah Alsept @leah_0913 Governor Mike DeWine addressed Ohioans Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. which was a break from his traditional 2 p.m. news conferences. The address was from his home in Cedarville and was reminiscent of a Roosevelt-era fireside chat. But his message was simple: Wear your masks and […]

Schooling from Home

How one UF student dealt with having COVID-19 By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As the University of Findlay balances the act of having classes on campus while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, some students were still exposed to the virus. Scott Jennings, a student at UF, contracted the virus. Jennings says that when he first […]

Don’t Stop the Party?

By Lauren Wolters Halloween at the University of Findlay looked a little different this year. Students were advised to keep their gatherings small, to not share food, stay outside, and disinfect EVERYTHING. Masks were required as well but not by the usual costume party standards. Vice President for Student Affairs Dave Emsweller sent out […]