Schooling from Home

How one UF student dealt with having COVID-19

By Dylan Frazier


As the University of Findlay balances the act of having classes on campus while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, some students were still exposed to the virus. Scott Jennings, a student at UF, contracted the virus. Jennings says that when he first found out, he immediately was worried that he had spread it to his loved ones.

“I initially got tested because of the COVID-19 health check, I took my temperature several times to make sure it was correct, and it was, I had a fever. Also, a couple of days before I had a couple of other tell-tale symptoms,” Jennings said. “My first thought was I hope I did not spread and infect family and friends I had been around in the past few days before the day I was tested. I care about my family and I would have felt bad if I gave it to them.”

 While Jennings dealt with COVID-19, his symptoms were mild, but one symptom has stuck around.

 “I had a cough, no taste or smell, a fever for the first few days in quarantine, and diarrhea. The cough and no taste/ smell I still have to this day, even though I have no other symptoms.”

When he was isolating from the rest of UF, Jennings had to be sure to keep all invested parties informed of his condition.

“I communicated with my professors via Zoom and email. I got stuff done and turned all my stuff in via canvas, my food had to be delivered to me in quarantine. I was called and checked in on by the health center and the health department,” Jennings said. “When I was not doing homework or attending class, I had downtime to watch tv, play video games, or whatever else I felt like doing.”

While Jennings did not have major symptoms of COVID-19, the self-isolation part of the virus took its toll on him.

“The symptoms may not be that bad, or they may have not been bad for me, but the isolation in quarantine, and not having anyone to talk to or classes to go to, that was the hardest part for me. I enjoy going to classes in person more than Zoom, I feel like I can concentrate and focus more,” Jennings said.

“I would say the quarantine may be fun for the first few days, but if you are there for around 10 days like I was, you start to go a little crazy.”

The University of Findlay has these guidelines in place to keep the community protected from each other. Jennings says that what UF is doing isn’t because they want to, it’s because they care about the student body and staff.

“Follow all the stuff the University has set in place, they are not looking to upset you, they are looking out for you. They do not want people to go through stuff like me or the other people who have tested positive and are quarantined must go through,” Jennings said.  “Also, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer whenever you can, you do not know when you are touching something a COVID-19 asymptomatic or symptomatic person has touched.”

As Dave Emsweller says in his weekly COVID-19 update:

“If you would like to access any of the other campus updates that have been sent out over the past months,  please visit the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information web page. Links to all updates are located in the Campus Communications section.  If you have suggestions or questions, please email them to”

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