Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week stands out at UF

By: Emma Smith



Oilers Go All Out For Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week

Faculty and staff appreciation week is a week of thanking each individual for the work they do for the students on campus and the people they are. The events occur throughout the week of March 1 with multiple days of activities and ways for students to thank the faculty and staff around them.

An anonymous sticky note addressed to the housekeeping staff.

A sticky note wall called “You Help Us Stick Around” in the CBSL on the wall next to the Writing Center. This is a place for students to grab a sticky note and write a message to an employee and put it on the wall.

Professor of Education, Dr. Allison Baer, spoke about how meaningful it can be for teachers to hear a thanks from their students. “ It [thank you] means the world. A simple “thanks!” can mean a lot to someone. It can change their whole day,” said Dr. Baer.

In addition to being verbally appreciated, faculty and staff are also being showered with gifts from students and the university. March 1, employees will watch a special message from Dr. Fell to kick off the week. On March 2, they can pick up a free coffee, tea, or hot chocolate from Jazzman’s. March 3, staff and faculty members will receive free cookies when they stop at Jazzman’s from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. On March 4, university faculty can purchase a meal from Henderson for just $3.00 during the day. On the final day, March 5, faculty and staff will watch a video of thanks from students.

Jazzman’s in the CBSL where faculty and staff can get their treats this week.

Dr. Baer discussed the reason this week is so important, “The faculty and staff at UF are truly excellent people who do an incredible job of supporting the mission and purpose of the University. We all work hard to support our students and want them to know how much we appreciate them. This week is about setting some time aside to intentionally let the staff and faculty know the same.”

In addition to the different opportunities to thank professors and other staff members around campus, students can always send an email or a card with genuine words of thanks.

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