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Dogs, cats, coffee, and tea: Oh my!

By: Taylor Christensen christensent@findlay.edu @taychristensen1 You might see anthropomorphic animal art when walking into a local downtown Findlay coffee shop As soon as you walk into Coffee Amici in downtown Findlay you are greeted with the faces of various dogs, cats, and other pets that have been carefully painted by Judy Fields. She is the […]

Zoom welcomes unexpected visitors over quarantine

By: Samantha Adkins adkinss@findlay.edu Pets are both a positive and negative addition to Zoom meetings Freshman Pre-Vet student, Aubrey Villard, glanced at her laptop screen, which was displaying a Brady Bunch collage of black squares, each with the name of a classmate. “I’m just zoning out,” she said. Villard admits she’s not always paying attention. […]