New year means sharpening time management skills

New UF students prepare for the high school to college transition

By Sydney Kin                                             

            As many students, and student athletes head to the University of Findlay campus this fall, some students may find it challenging to development time management.

            Caitlin Bamberger, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at UF, believes that time is a very precious thing of life when being in college, but more importantly when being a student-athlete.

            “Falling behind and ultimately becoming ineligible; because time is such a precious thing for student athletes, once they start to fall behind it is hard to catch back up,” said Bamberger.

            There are many opportunities to help manage your time around the University of Findlay campus, such as the Academic Center and the Oiler Success Center.

            “The Academic Center and the Oiler Success Center are both excellent resources to help students who may be struggling with time management,” said Bamberger.

            There are a few tips for incoming freshmen student athletes.

            Amber Schweiger, a junior at UF, recommends a to-do list so you can check everything off that you get done. Time management has been a huge part of her college career as she is a member of the women’s basketball team and an animal science major.

            “I advise them to write anything and everything down in an organized way. It helps avoiding missing anything and could help you get ahead of your schoolwork,” said Schweiger.

            It is hard when the list of things to do that day seems to get longer and longer as the semester goes on,” Schweiger said. “It is easier once you can effectively and efficiently use your time, but I feel as time went on, I got a lot better at that. College has taught me that I have to get one thing at a time done.”

            A planner and notes are two very helpful items in order for success at UF.

             “Make yourself a schedule,” Bamberger said. “The best way to see everything you have to do is to make a schedule so you’re able to see how much time you have between classes or work and then how much time you need to spend on certain assignments and when assignments are due.”      

            The transfer from high school to collage can be overwhelming.

             “Early in fall semester of their freshmen year, it is normal to see quite a few student-athletes struggle because there is a major adjustment rom having school all day to having a few classes each day of the week,” said Bamberger.

            Paige Bellman, a student-athlete, majoring in Psychology, at UF has reached out to many people around campus in order to find help with time management.

            “I have personally gotten ahold of my coaches for them to make me a schedule, and I have taken advantage of it,” Bellman said. “It is okay to struggle at the beginning, just reach out for help if you are struggling and many people would love to help,” said Bellman.

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