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Zoom welcomes unexpected visitors over quarantine

By: Samantha Adkins adkinss@findlay.edu Pets are both a positive and negative addition to Zoom meetings Freshman Pre-Vet student, Aubrey Villard, glanced at her laptop screen, which was displaying a Brady Bunch collage of black squares, each with the name of a classmate. “I’m just zoning out,” she said. Villard admits she’s not always paying attention. […]

Adopt don’t shop

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: mitchella2@findlay.edu The saying “adopt don’t shop” is used a lot, but not many people know exactly what it means. Adopt Don’t Shop refers not to “shopping” for a pet, but adopting one from your local shelter. An example of shopping for a pet is buying a puppy from a […]