Dear Freshman Me: An incoming senior takes a look back at lessons learned over the last three years.



by Alana Sundermann

Twitter: @alana_sundy23

One week away from my last first day of school, ever. I can’t decide if I am excited or sad. I’m excited because I only have one more year until I get to experience all the possibilities the real world has to offer, but I’m sad because I only have one more year to be young and free from a lot of responsibilities. When you’re a freshman everyone tells you that four years will fly by before you know it. And of course you don’t believe them. But then your senior year approaches and you’re wondering where the time went.

There are many things I wish I could tell freshman year me, she was so young and naïve, but she had to figure it out for herself otherwise she wouldn’t be the person she is today. I guess one thing I didn’t really understand, as a freshman, is that college isn’t just about learning in the classroom and getting a degree. It’s also about finding yourself and learning about YOU. For a long time, I made decisions based on what other people thought about me and my life. I tried to be the person everyone wanted me to be and not the person I wanted me to be. It’s taken me three years to finally ask myself: who do you want to be? So, if I could write a letter to freshman year me, these are the words I’d leave:

Dear Freshman Year Self,

I know you’re scared to show your depth and substance to the world. I know you’re insecure about yourself and unsure of what you want to do with your life after college. But don’t be afraid to be you, because when you are you there are people who see that.

It is refreshing for people to see someone be “real” in a world where conformity is normal. It’s okay to go against the grain and stand out, besides normal is boring anyways.

Don’t spend so much time thinking about your future because the answers you are searching for will present themselves in time. Try to embrace your hardships because they make you stronger. I know you care too much about what people think of you but, put yourself first for a change and stop worrying so much about how your decisions will affect other people.

But most importantly, enjoy every moment you have, the good and the bad because before you know it, you’ll be heading into your senior year wondering where the time went.

With love,

Future You

One week away from my last year of college, a bittersweet feeling. I challenge myself and those who are also entering their final year, to enjoy every moment you have, and embrace the college life for one more year. And for those of you who are just beginning, let yourself blossom, find yourself and your passions and don’t forget to graduate.






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