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‘The American people have spoken’

Well, no they haven’t, Mr. Pence  By Clay Parlette  @claypar111  We have officially entered post-election season—the time of supposed harmony that everyone was looking forward to so dearly as we begin preparing for the holidays with family and friends, and to forget the bruising election season that engulfed the news over the past 1.5 years. […]

Three policies proposed by Clinton that just won’t work

By Reilly Butz @reillybutz7  1) Free college tuition/debt free college  The concept of making university education free or debt-free is excellent initially. The biggest problem, though, becomes sustainability. Can public colleges and universities afford a massive loss in funding all while maintaining their payroll to pay high level professors? Unfortunately, free college tuition issues don’t […]

Tomi Lahren is not a journalist

Her popularity and influence promote racism, anti-feminism  By Sarah Stubbs @sarahxstubbs Tomi Lahren, the news personality and Republican pundit, is liked on Facebook by 26 of my friends. Beyond my Facebook friend group, 25,000 people follow her page and more than three million have liked it. On Twitter, she boasts more than 317,000 followers. The […]

Presidential candidate overview

Let’s talk policy  Ashley Summerfield  @ash_summerfield  As the election quickly approaches, many Americans still find themselves undecided on how they will cast their vote. Among others things, the candidate’s stance on the hot topics in policy can be a main deciding factor in this decision. In a recent poll, UF students expressed their three most […]

With absentee voting on the rise, USPS drops the ball

No one should have to nag to be able to vote  By Clay Parlette  @claypar111  As if this election isn’t already crazy enough, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has disgraced the little sanctity that yet remains in our American democracy by failing to deliver hundreds of absentee ballots in Northwest Ohio. Election data indicates […]

Climate change is real and complacency is dangerous

Clinton is the only candidate to combat this  By Clay Parlette @claypar111 A look at the official GOP platform reveals an elegant collection of positions, weaved with patriotic bits of American exceptionalism and statistically derived logic that appears to make the Republican way of thinking the “obvious” way of thinking. Why does the party oppose […]

Climate change: None of the candidates have the answer

By Reilly Butz @reillybutz7 Since the second Presidential Debate featured a memorable question from the self-made legend Ken Bone, clean, efficient energy has become the topic of discussion. Ken’s question was perfect. It included how each candidate would try to improve efforts for clean and efficient energy, while preventing mass job loss. While neither candidate […]

Bobby’s WLFC Weekly Review – I Had A Dream That You Were Mine – Rostam and Hamilton Leithauser

By Bobby Beebe @howamibobby Rostam Batmanglij left Vampire Weekend early this year stating he wanted to spend more time working on different projects, specifically more electronic music. This made it quite shocking when he released a new guitar-based record, I Had A Dream That You Were Mine with former Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser. The duo […]

Trump’s ‘locker-room talk’ cop-out normalizes rape culture

He’s not sorry By Sarah Stubbs @sarahxstubbs Like everyone else, the October surprise wasn’t necessarily a surprise for me. Yes, my jaw still dropped in shock and disgust last Friday night when I listened to the full 2005 tape, but I was not surprised by Donald Trump’s vulgar words: “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women […]

Bobby’s Weekly Review: Bon Iver’s 22, A Million

By: Bobby Beebe @howamibobby Justin Vernon took just three years in between his 2008 debut record as Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago and the highly anticipated self-titled follow up. The results of this three year gap definitely saw Vernon moving beyond the folky, acoustic underpinnings of his debut, utilizing more electronic and orchestral sounds. […]

Hillary deserves the Millennial vote

By Jake Sarver @4theapplesauce Millennials love Bernie Sanders. Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton. So, Millennials should be all about HRC, right? Surprisingly, not so much. Millennials seem to really have an issue with Hillary and this could affect the upcoming election in a major way. The US Census Bureau reported this year that the Millennials have […]

Socialism: It doesn’t suck

By Sarah Stubbs @sarahxstubbs On Tuesday night the AMU was packed with student organizations putting their best feet forward in hopes of boosting their numbers and increasing awareness on campus. Active at this event were the two political clubs: College Republicans and College Democrats. The College Democrats’ table was entirely decked out with Hillary Clinton […]

Why Americans shouldn’t be satisfied with the Veteran’s Administration

Clinton doesn’t view corruption as urgent  By Reilly Butz @reillybutz7 As the election nears, I feel that there are a few things that need to come to the spotlight. Many Americans sympathize for those who have chosen to risk their lives everyday, have family members that come from military backgrounds, or personally have a military […]