Clinton finally stands her ground, once and for all

By Jake Sarver


With this election quickly coming to a close, the mudslinging comes on stronger. Anyone who watched the debate would agree that the civility lasted about 20 minutes. Hillary, as always, had to come off as aggressive yet likeable. For Trump, all he had to do was to come off as presidential, just a smidge. Hillary finally stuck up for herself, while Trump missed his last chance.

With Hillary winning every scientific poll from the past two debates, it was clear all she needed to do in this debate was get her point across and stand her ground. This debate truly showed that Clinton is a force to be reckoned with and that she is a president. This was the first time Clinton spoke up for herself and defended herself and her platform when Trump came at her with blatant lies. In previous debates, Clinton let things slide and for the most part hasn’t been confrontational, however this time she stood her ground and showed that she is ready for the presidency. Clinton at one point said that Trump “choked” – referring to his meeting with the President of Mexico.

To me, there are three main takeaways from the debate that voters should be mindful of as they cast their votes.

1. Hillary stands behind everything she has said or done in the past. When the emails are brought up she addresses them, apologizes, and moves on. When something she voted on in the past is brought up, like the Iraq war, she acknowledges this and moves forward. Trump denies ever saying Climate Change is a hoax, shakes his head when

Clinton mentions he called Mexicans murderers and rapists, and still refuses to accept the fact that he did support the Iraq war, too.

2. Supreme Court Justices. This is so important because there are many previous cases that are now being threatened. For a presidential candidate to say that they would like to overturn two cases that have a majority of Americans’ approval is completely outrageous. Trump has come forward saying he will appoint justices that will work to overturn Roe. V. Wade and Marriage Equality. To go against something that has vast support shows this candidate has their own, selfish agenda. I guarantee that the opposing article will mention Hillary’s views on late term abortion and let me explain what this means. There are four reasons for late term abortions. The reasons are perhaps the baby is already dead, the mother’s health is at risk, the child has a zero percent chance of survival, and/or the baby would suffer while born and die within the first weeks or month. No baby will be aborted a day or two before his or her birth as Trump said, because that isn’t an abortion, that is called a C-section. A baby that is removed days before the birth is a living baby, so that argument isn’t valid.

3. Nuclear War. This came up and scared me to my core. Trump’s quote on nuclear war was “If we have them, why don’t we use them?” and advocated for other countries to have nuclear weapons for “protection.” A nuclear war is said to be a possible end to human life, and for a man to advocate the start of a nuclear war is not only one of the most irresponsible things to do but is yet another disqualifying factor showing his lack of knowledge regarding the political world.

This debate was the final eye opener that only one candidate not only understands the American people but also understands the political world well enough to run this country, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton. She understands things that should be said and she has learned from her mistakes. Trump denies ever making mistakes, which shows he doesn’t progress or learn – he just denies. Clinton’s poise and knowledge will move this nation forward. She is listening to what the American people have to say and she’s sticking to the majority agenda, not her personal one.

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