The day has finally come

By Jacob Sarver 

The end is finally in sight. Everyone in the world agrees on one thing, this has been a nasty (woman) election and it has been cut-throat. Elections always cause a stir and are subject for arguments, however, in this election, there have truly been relationships torn apart. Both candidates have their followers that rally behind them, but truly have no way of seeing the opposition views. 

This election cycle, I have seen way too much mudslinging for my liking. In my opinion, I do think this all started with Trump’s rhetoric and the statements he makes. Giving the benefit of the doubt, however, Clinton did combat these remarks to an extent I don’t think has ever been seen before in a political campaign. This whole election cycle has fractured the democratic process in so many young minds. People don’t have a good look at how politics run anymore. Now, is this a bad thing? All I know is that politics will never be the same. In the next election, the current winner I highly doubt will be reelected, I would not be surprised at all if a third party candidate was able to win or the whole system went away and we moved toward a no party, or a four party allowing for more involvement. 

Moving along to actual candidates, one of two people is going to be named the next president of the United States. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. A Donald Trump presidency would be divisive, changing the outlook of the US, causing us to look segregated and unfit. A presidency with a man who has no experience and says off-the-wall things isn’t ready to lead this nation. We need a president like Hillary Clinton to bring us together and help those 

who either can’t help themselves or need the help. She will make sure key decisions like marriage equality and Roe V. Wade will go untouched. Clinton will ensure that those in this nation have an easier access to citizenship and universal health care. Lastly, one of the most important things Clinton will do for us as a nation is create jobs and lower the federal deficit. Clinton will follow in President Obama’s footsteps and lower the deficit. The deficit is what the US has over spent in one year. Under President Obama he lowers the deficit but gets discredited because the debt is still rising. What people don’t understand is you can’t lower the debt until the deficit is zero and Obama started that train and Hillary will finish it. Hillary will create jobs by investing in infrastructure and clean energy. Under a Clinton administration job growth will sore and the deficit will start to decrease. That is what Hillary Clinton will do as president. That is the main difference between Clinton and Trump, Clinton has plans for the future.

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