Clinton promotes common-sense gun reform

No, the Democrats don’t want to take away your guns 

By Jake Sarver

The second amendment is a touchy subject, but I am unsure why this is. No matter the party, a majority of people believe that guns are OK, but gun reform would help. I am unaware of anyone who thinks that guns shouldn’t be allowed because every American understands that this is in our rights. This idea that the Democrats are going to take away your guns is also so funny and outrageous to me. This goes back to this idea that no one is trying to take your guns and it doesn’t matter the party you are supporting — everyone believes that people have the right to arm themselves. Where the line is drawn is on the evil “gun control” and “gun reform.” This is where the Republicans start shaking in their boots and screaming out their front door, “get away from my guns.” The crazy thing about this is that no one wants your guns. If you are a safe and responsible gun owner, no one is saying you shouldn’t be able to carry. A majority of legislation that the Democrats have tried to get passed is truly basic and common sense reform. If a Democrat stood up and demanded everyone turn in their guns, even Democrats would disagree and look away. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party would like to see changes in the system that do not involve taking away everyone’s guns. I like to repeat this so people truly understand the idea. The Democratic Party would like to see three things implemented:

1. Stricter background checks — because looking into someone’s past a little more thoroughly before selling them a firearm that can be used to kill isn’t such a bad idea.

2. No fly, no buy. This is saying that if you are on the suspected terrorist list, you cannot purchase a firearm. To most people this seems like a no brainer, right? Well the senate turned this bill down because the senate is Republican-controlled. However, even a Republican can agree that if you are suspected as a terrorist of this country, you shouldn’t own an item intended to kill.

3. End the gun show loophole. At a gun show you can leave with a firearm in 15 minutes. This is truly unsafe. If you are buying a gun at a gun show, there are still background checks that should be implemented.

Hillary has worked her whole career taking on the gun industry and the NRA, the same people who oppose these three common sense gun control ideas. Guns and children are the two true items that she has worked for her entire life. With her presidential run, these ideals, hopes, and aspirations do not stop. She has based her campaign on these issues. The Democratic National Convention was all about family because this is so important to her, not only in her life but the lives of everyone in America. Tim Kaine, her running mate, also is a responsible gun owner who believes in gun control. Even gun owners agree that the system is corrupt at the moment and the time for change is now.

With Hillary Clinton as our next president, she will help make this nation safe and keep guns out the hands of criminals and terrorists. She is ready to move this nation forward and make sure every man, woman, and child feels safe not only in their economic stance but in their every day lives.

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