Job fair recap

Less students, more companies than 2015’s fair

By Melissa Carrick

The 2016 Fall Job Fair wrapped up last week with over 300 students and 105 companies throughout Ohio in attendance. This year, each college was featured on a different day with College of Liberal Arts fair on Monday, College of Science fair on Tuesday, College of Business fair on Wednesday, and College of Pharmacy fair on Thursday.

Optional interview day was held on Friday, Sept. 16 and approximately 30 students were interviewed by four different companies.

Alexis Currie, assistant director of the center for career and professional development (CCPD), believes that giving the colleges separate days will be more beneficial in the long run.

“Overall, we feel that featuring colleges on separate days worked better. At this point, we are planning to continue this strategy in the future, including the spring 2017 semester,” Currie said.

The event was highly advertised through flyers around campus, email reminders, social media, and verbally in classrooms through presentations by CCPD. Currie always feels marketing efforts can be improved, but states how current efforts have contributed to this year’s turnout.

“Compared to last year’s Earn and Learn Fall Job Fair, this year was better as a whole. Last year there were 282 students and 52 employers, while this year there were 277 students not including pharmacy and 71 employers just among COLA, COS, and COB,” Currie said.

The Spring Job Fair will be held during the week of Feb. 13, 2017. The specific dates for each college is yet to be determined, but College of Liberal Arts, Business, Sciences, Health Professions and Education, instead of Pharmacy, will be included in this event.

All students are encouraged to attend the job fair whether they are looking for job opportunities or not, students can expand their network and see how the event is run. If students have any questions about the job fair they should visit the CCPD office to be assisted, Currie said. The CCPD is available to help student’s grow in their professional careers.

“We work diligently for months planning these events to provide opportunities for you. Student participation in job fairs and other CCPD events help to strengthen the events and attract additional employers,” she continues, “The CCPD believes that your professional development is a process and should progress the entire time you’re at UF.”

The next job fair will be held in February 2017, to prepare for this event visit the CCPD office at 113 Old Main for help with networking skills, resume building, and much more.

Date Event Companies Students

9.12.16 Fall Job Fair Week-COLA 13 33

9.13.16 Fall Job Fair Week-COS 19 86

9.14.17 Fall Job Fair Week-COB 29 158

9.15.16 Fall Job Fair Week-COP 44 ?

*All pharmacy students required to attend

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