Trump is the candidate for Millennials

By: Kate M Bauer

I was not yet 18 during the 2012 presidential election, so at 21, this is the first time I have ever been able to cast my vote for president. It has been my goal through this election cycle to truly become informed of the plans and policies of both candidates. Labeled as both a Millennial and a college student, there is a certain stigma when it comes to my opinion to support Donald Trump in the upcoming election. While it may not be true that his “strongest asset is his temperament,” Donald Trump has many things going for him as a candidate in this race.

Job creation 

In his book, A Crippling America, Trump stated that under his presidency, there would be 13 million new jobs created. This should be a huge reason Millennials vote for Trump because we are the ones that will be entering the job force under his presidency. I, for one, do not want to enter a job market in which businesses can hypothetically only fill one position as opposed to four, for example, because of the skyrocketing minimum wage imposed under Hillary Clinton’s presidential plan. As a business person himself, Trump has my trust, as it relates to the strength of the job market upon my graduation from college because he has worked with job creation firsthand.

Tax cuts 

Along with this creation of jobs, Trump has also promised tax cuts for all working and middle-class Americans upon election. This benefits Millennials directly because, according to an article from The Guardian, “Millennials in the US see themselves as less middle class and more working class than any other generation since records began three decades ago.” This means that upon graduation, when these Millennials begin paying income taxes, they will benefit because less money will be taken from each paycheck.

Popularity on social media 

It has been clear since the beginning of the race for president in this election that things would be different than any other. Millennials are, in part, to be the result of this. Social media plays a huge factor as it is the primary way Millennials consume their news. Presidential candidates are able to interact with their supporters from their cell phone in a way that keeps them connected to the candidates in what seems to be a personal way. Whether you agree or disagree with some of the tweets Donald Trump posts on Twitter, they are still going viral. As of Oct. 3, he has 12 million Twitter followers that receive his content. It is almost impossible to scroll through my Twitter feed without reading a tweet about Trump or from Trump himself.

Humor and relatability 

Along with his popularity on social media, Donald Trump appeals to Millennials because of his ability to quickly respond to a situation. Trump’s comments have been the highlight of news casts since his start in the political race. Whether or not these comments are true, distasteful, or otherwise, he is constantly being talked about. The sense of humor that he adds to otherwise negative situations is just one of the many ways he is relatable to Millennials.

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