Why Americans shouldn’t be satisfied with the Veteran’s Administration

Clinton doesn’t view corruption as urgent 

By Reilly Butz

As the election nears, I feel that there are a few things that need to come to the spotlight. Many Americans sympathize for those who have chosen to risk their lives everyday, have family members that come from military backgrounds, or personally have a military background. Veterans continue to be a hot topic of this election, but unfortunately for many, most news stations don’t portray the correct message. The truth is, most of the major news stations (NBC, ABC, CNN, etc.) are liberal. Being a liberal station also comes with the necessary evil of painting Hillary Clinton in a positive light. Here is the unfortunate truth about not only the status of the Veterans Administration in America, but also how the Democratic Nominee for President continues to enable the corrupt entity:

The VA has been in the light of a number of scandals in the past year. It started over a year ago when a Bronx VA Hospital was under investigation for charging $54 million for prosthetic limbs. Then it continued a few months later when a whistleblower at a VA Hospital in Arizona accused the staff of “failing to care for cancer patients.” Hillary Clinton was asked about the accusations back in October and responded in a nonchalant manner, continuing to explain that she believed they were isolated events.

In the midst of the NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, each candidate was continually asked about veteran relations. Personally, I find it rather ironic that Clinton is even asked about how she would handle a corrupt government organization, but that is beside the fact. Regardless, some of these issues have recently been brought back to the forefront at these forums. While Matt Lauer claims that Clinton “laid out a litany of problems with the VA,” the truth is, she didn’t really perceive it as an urgent matter, and said the situations have been “over-exaggerated.” You may have noticed that some of the new Hillary television ads try to pull more military votes by bashing Donald Trump and featuring some of the comments he has made; however, the more alarming situation that people of the military should be focused on are the actions, or lack

thereof, of Hillary Clinton regarding the well-being of our nation’s veterans and the continued controversies of the Veterans Administration.

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