Three policies proposed by Clinton that just won’t work

By Reilly Butz

1) Free college tuition/debt free college 

The concept of making university education free or debt-free is excellent initially. The biggest problem, though, becomes sustainability. Can public colleges and universities afford a massive loss in funding all while maintaining their payroll to pay high level professors? Unfortunately, free college tuition issues don’t account for this. Free college tuition would cause the quality of education for public universities to go down significantly. This would have a ripple effect of domestic students who aspire to acquire high level degrees to look elsewhere and attend more private institutions. The normal degree for public universities wouldn’t hold as much weight as a private college or university. This would also put into question the millions of international students that move to the United States every year to attend a college or university. With public universities becoming tuition-free, private tuition would shoot through the roof. While these affects wouldn’t be immediate, the long-term repercussions could be detrimental to the American post-secondary education structure. 

2) Syrian “No Fly” Zone 

With increased distress in the Middle East, Hillary Clinton has called for a “No Fly” Zone once she is elected president. I understand her intentions. Who wouldn’t want to try and limit more killing and violence in a country that has been ripped apart because of war for years? With that said, I think that a No Fly Zone would be extremely foolish. Russia is one of the other countries 

that has been very involved in Syria by supplying fighters and also participating in some of their own fighting. A No Fly Zone would primarily be targeted at the Russian Air Force and would be challenging Vladimir Putin to ceasefire. A decision such as this, considering Putin’s past, would be extremely foolish and could lead to intense conflict, or even war, with Russia. 

3) Increasing taxes for the top one percent 

Hillary Clinton has been quoted numerous times stating that she wants the economy to work for everyone. In order to make this happen, Clinton has proposed the biggest tax increases on the wealthy in American history. The issue with these massive tax hikes isn’t an issue of ideology and how each individual person feels regarding a progressive or flat tax. The issue with a tax hike such as this is an issue that has plagued the United States tax structure for decades. The massive amount of loophole and carryover rules will still allow the top one percent to avoid billions of dollars in taxes. While this has been a hot topic this election, in regards to Donald Trump, it is 100 percent legal. These rules have been put in place by career politicians to help protect their million dollar donors — let me make that perfectly clear.

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