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Forming app-based relationships

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: College is arguably the best time to meet new people. During freshman year and beyond, students step into a whole new world surrounded by individuals with different backgrounds, morals, and thought processes. In the midst of growing themselves, college students are bound to gravitate towards those who share […]

Not a mental issue

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: There will always be anger and hate in the world. That is something that cannot be stopped or changed. That is something people need to understand. The latest mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tx. has many people asking, why and how? With each tragedy, we seek to find […]

A voice for men

By: Juliyana Straley Twitter: @jstraley7 Email: The past few months, social media has been littered with Feminist movements and protests. Women are coming together to fight for equality between men and women. With each hashtag, more people support the cause. I have seen people consistently bashing men for their “hostility” towards women. Men are […]

Weather prompts indoor workouts

By: Alexis Mitchell Email – Twitter – @alexismitch14 Ohio has seemed to skip the fall weather and has begun cold, winter weather. This means a few things: students bundling up to walk to class, people fighting for a spot next to the fireplace in the AMU, and students are working out more inside than […]

The #MeToo movement

By: Alexis Mitchell Email – Twitter – @alexismitch14 I don’t think when Tarana Burke started the “#MeToo” trend that she realized just how far it would spread. “Me Too” was intended to help women who have been sexually assaulted not feel alone, but feel more empowered by coming together on social media. Although many […]

Letter to the Editor

M. Chandra Sekar, R Ph., Ph D., FAPhA Professor College of Pharmacy 1000 N. Main Street University of Findlay Findlay, OH 45840 USA 419-434-5386 (o) I have been a naturalized citizen in this country for over three decades now. I have never felt unsafe or threatened in this beautiful country with a big heart. Today […]

UF TV debuts new student produced shows

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: As this is my second year being a part of the Findlay Media Network, there is no question that the group continues to expand and evolve. For those unaware, Findlay Media Network is the branch of different media outlets at the University of Findlay. It includes our newspaper, […]

Refinery: hit or miss with UF students?

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: The new Center for Student Life and College of Business building has been opened for a while now and with it has come new options for students at the University of Findlay. These include a new bookstore, study space, and, of course, new food options. Before the addition, […]

Equestrian students work All American Quarter Horse Congress

By: Leah Palm Twitter – @_palmegranate Email – The month of October is a very anticipated time for Western Equestrian students, but not for the reasons that many may assume. While we all get excited for fall weather and Halloween, this month brings more exciting things for those of us who want to train […]

Are peaceful protests disrespectful?

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: The weekend of Sept. 22nd was an eventful one. On that Friday, President Donald Trump appeared at a campaign rally for US Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.). At that rally, Trump gave a speech stating, “We’re proud of our country, we respect our flag. Wouldn’t you love to see […]

A new endangered species; white parking spaces

By: Alexis Mitchell I hope you like exercise, Oilers, because with the limited amount of white spaces available on campus that is exactly what you will be doing. I, an on-campus resident myself, know the frustrations that students living on campus have. My house in particular is pretty far away from campus, and sometimes on […]

Country becoming too sensitive over football celebrations

By: Chris Corso, Staff Writer Email: When the clock hit 0 during the Oklahoma-Ohio State game on Saturday, Sept. 9th, it was the Sooners that came out on top with a score of 31-16. Overjoyed with the victory over a team that defeated them 45-24 a year ago, Senior Quarterback Baker Mayfield unraveled the […]

Secretary of education plans to update Title IX guidelines

By: Olivia Wile, Editor Twitter: o_wile Email: From the Duke Lacrosse team case in 2006, to the conviction of Stanford Swimmer, Brock Turner, last year, instances of sexual misconduct continue to prove an issue on college campuses. Whether they receive national attention, such as the cases just listed, or not, it is critical for […]

Benefits of nonprofit organizations in Hancock County

By: Heidi Paxson, Staff Writer Twitter: @HeidiPacSun Email: Imagine being a single mom who can’t provide her children a safe home, has no support as a cancer patient, or has an insufficient amount of food and clothing. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many members of the Findlay community face every day. Without local […]

Spurs aren’t made for Walking

By: Juliyana Straley, Staff Writer Twitter: @jstraley7 Email: Clank, clank, clank; a typical noise heard when walking around campus or sitting in a classroom at the University of Findlay. What creates this extreme noise disturbance? Western spurs. As a horseback rider myself, I understand rushing to class from the barn and essentially smelling up […]

The Exciting Addition of Instructions at the Western Barn

By: Leah Palm, Staff Writer Twitter – @_palmegranate Email – Change is one of the very few things that can be simultaneously anticipated and dreaded. While the idea of something new is exciting and can bring different opportunities, the idea of losing what was once had can be saddening. The University of Findlay’s western […]

Increase of service dogs on campus

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: This fall, the number of service dogs on campus at the University of Findlay is rising. Last year, there were only two service animals on campus while this year the number has already increased to six. With a significant increase of service animals on campus, questions have been […]

Working part-time through school isn’t hard, right?

By: Leah Palm, Staff Writer Twitter – @_palmegranate Email – There are very few, full-time students who don’t always complain about being too busy. Between sports practices and required workouts, extra-curricular activities, leadership positions on campus, and juggling homework and class time, there are not many hours left in the day. In the midst […]

Worship space or donor’s paradise?

By: Juliyana Straley Twitter: @jstraley7 Email: The University of Findlay buying Winebrenner Theological Seminary is the hot topic around campus right now. For anyone wondering, however, they didn’t actually buy it. It is a “long-term” lease that still has yet to be approved by the Higher Learning Commission. Contrary to the facts of the […]

Acts of Racism and Hate resurface in Charlottesville, VA

Why it is important for The University of Findlay to unite By: Olivia Wile Twitter: @o_wile ‏ A White Supremacy movement against the removal of the Robert E. Lee memorial snowballed into a chain of tragic events in Charlottesville, VA. According to the Washington Post, around 250 young white males marched across the campus of the University […]

Lacrosse: the rules put in simple terms

Once you learn them, women’s lacrosse actually rules By: Olivia Wile @o_wile The University of Findlay’s women’s lacrosse team wears out the turf at Armstrong Field every game they play. During the two 30-minute halves, players run up and down the field almost the entire time; much like soccer. With the addition of sticks with […]

A clinic with Bernie Traurig

Meaningful experiences equipt UF student for the future By: Larissa Holmes Email: Clinics provide additional learning opportunities for equestrians of all levels—amateur to professional— who are looking to improve certain aspects of their riding. These clinics can either be very focused on a certain skill, or cover a wide range of training techniques. The […]

Life after football

A reflection of life from recent post-football player Darius Merriweather By Darius Merriweather @OchoOnWLFC88 For all my life, I have been around football. From the time I was a kid, it was all I knew. From watching Philadelphia Eagles games in the legendary 700 level of Veterans Stadium, to idolizing Penn State after going […]

Newswriting students weigh in on the so-called Immigration Ban

Students from the Newswriting class this spring took time to study the facts of the Executive Order detaining immigrants and respond in an editorial exercise. You can send your letter to the editor at with “Letter to the editor” clearly marked in the subject line. Laura Hernandez Arteaga, junior Journalism major   As an […]

Trumps executive order

By: Ashley Summerfield @ash_summerfield The Muslim ban and what comes next The United States of America has been known as the “Land of opportunity”, the “Land of the free”, and the “melting pot” of the world, but that may change soon.  People from around the world are free to travel into the U.S., unless you’re from […]

Sarah Stubbs steps down as the Pulse editor, will be missed

Sarah does news, opinion justice By Diana Montague, Ph.D., professor of communication @Diana Montague8 The field of journalism has been in tumultuous transition since the introduction of the Internet, but rumors of this profession’s demise have been premature. Journalism is not dead; it is reinventing itself, revitalizing its role in informing society, rising from the […]