WLFC gets a summer makeover

By: Chris Corso, staff writer
Email – corsoc@findlay.edu

It was an exciting summer for the University of Findlay. With the opening of the brand new Center for Student Life and College of Business building, as well as all UF sports moving into the G-MAC, students have a lot to look forward to this school year.

In addition to these major changes, the communications department has been busy as well; more specifically, the radio station.

Since 1973, WLFC has given listeners a taste of something different. In 2007, the station flipped over its format from mainstream rock with a few specialty shows to Indie. Since then, WLFC has taken pride on being a station unlike any other in the surrounding area.

This summer, the station took even bigger steps in that direction. One of the additions includes a newly remodeled WLFC Lounge. The lounge serves multiple purposes. It provides our DJ’s with a common area to relax, do homework, and hangout.

The new space also acts as a performing center for visiting bands and artists. Local and visiting Indie bands are often invited to be interviewed by the DJ’s as well as to perform a few songs for our YouTube page (WLFC 88.3). To film these videos, iPads have been mounted around the lounge to provide high-quality production for the performances.

This summer alone, the station has been quite successful with this new feature. Through adding all of the new features, WLFC has made it a priority to recruit passionate and energetic DJ’s.

Expanding the brand and making the station a more recognizable name on campus was another important summer project accomplished by WLFC. During registration, incoming freshman were greeted on Corey Street Mall by the sounds of music and smiling DJ’s. Each student that was willing to take a selfie with one of us were given a free WLFC t-shirt and invited to join the radio station next semester if interested.

The goal was to show incoming students that WLFC is an organization dedicated to providing them with the best of indie music on and off campus.

For those of you interested in joining the WLFC team, contact me at corsoc@findlay.edu.

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