Benefits of nonprofit organizations in Hancock County

By: Heidi Paxson, Staff Writer
Twitter: @HeidiPacSun

Imagine being a single mom who can’t provide her children a safe home, has no support as a cancer patient, or has an insufficient amount of food and clothing. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many members of the Findlay community face every day.

Without local nonprofits, these people would have a much harder time seeing help. Hancock County has more than 50 nonprofits that serve the community. These organizations help domestic violence victims, those in need of shelter, and much more.

Sometimes, as part of the UF community, we don’t see these problems on a regular basis because they aren’t right in front of us. It can be easy to ignore the problems of others when they don’t impact our own daily lives. However, if everyone had that mindset, there would be no help available for those who need it. Without donors and volunteers supporting these organizations, it would be very hard for those who are struggling to pick themselves up.

In July, the Blanchard River in Findlay crested at 16.5 feet, taking a toll on the community. Many people did not have enough money to save their homes. Without organizations that could offer help, these people could have lost their homes and people who got help immediately might have had to spend years trying to fix issues themselves.

Working for a local nonprofit has really opened my eyes to real life problems that I didn’t even know existed a year ago. I didn’t realize that the small town of Findlay has people who feel helpless. I had no idea how much a simple task like having a hole in the floor fixed could mean to a family. People are struggling every day, but they are getting help thanks to the organizations that don’t gain anything from these acts of kindness.

UF does a great job of encouraging students to volunteer, especially during freshman orientation week. Without that opportunity, I might not have ever gotten involved in nonprofits and I am grateful for the push that early in my college career.

I encourage everyone to volunteer and help those who need it because it makes us realize the simple things we sometimes take for granted, while knowing that we also helped change a life. The possibilities with working for non-profits are endless!

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