Letter to the Editor

M. Chandra Sekar, R Ph., Ph D., FAPhA
College of Pharmacy
1000 N. Main Street
University of Findlay
Findlay, OH 45840
419-434-5386 (o)

I have been a naturalized citizen in this country for over three decades now. I have never felt unsafe or threatened in this beautiful country with a big heart. Today I switched off the discussion in radio on whether congress will do anything about gun control! It is sickening. Three percent of people owning 50% of the guns, able to override overwhelming support of 80% of Americans who support common sense approach to gun control. If the same thing happens in another country, we will call that government as undemocratic and feel sorry for that people for that unfortunate country! Here by replacing the word “bribe” with “lobbying” and by allowing unlimited and unaccounted election spending, it is this nation for which world feels sorry.

We don’t need ISIS to destroy us, we are progressively destroying the fabric of our society, by stopping to use any logic or rationale. Ask yourself, if someone attacks you, how many guns can you use at once? Where is the gamesmanship and challenge if you use a semiautomatic weapon to kill an unarmed deer that is running away from you?

We spend a trillion dollars and thousands of additional lives to defend against an enemy who attacked us on 9/11, ban immigrants and refugees coming from several countries, when the chance of an American citizen killed by those people is 1 in 3.5 billion! And on the other hand, every day our politicians shed “crocodile tears” and two second of silence to mourn the death of American lives lost in senseless shooting. We witness about 45,000 of our own citizens die every year in this process and don’t take any action.

If there is a drug addiction problem, we take logical multipronged approach for its solution. Educate the patient, do research on the underlying cause and control access to drugs. But when it comes to mass shootings – we are paralyzed. CDC is not even allowed to study the impact of gun violence on public health. What a great way to govern.

What ISIS cannot achieve, we are doing it for them – because of our ability to ignore real data and facts, we now continue to live in an alternate reality which is slowly moving us towards our own extinction!

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