UF TV debuts new student produced shows

By: Olivia Wile
Twitter: o_wile
Email: wile_o@findlay.edu

As this is my second year being a part of the Findlay Media Network, there is no question that the group continues to expand and evolve. For those unaware, Findlay Media Network is the branch of different media outlets at the University of Findlay. It includes our newspaper, the Pulse, our radio station, WLFC, and our TV station, UF TV.

Being the editor of the Pulse is an amazing opportunity, but UF TV holds a special place in my heart as I spent a lot time around it last year. Although much of my focus has gone towards the newspaper this year, I am no stranger to the changes that UF TV has been undergoing.

To begin, UF TV is no longer producing five to six minute weekly newscasts. Instead, each student is in charge of producing his or her own news package; this includes writing scripts, interviewing, filming, collecting sound, and editing. In addition to this change, the media outlet is now allowing students to create their own TV shows.

One of the new student produced shows is “Cowboy Corner.” Grant Goetcheus, a junior who is double majoring in western equestrian studies and journalism and digital media, is the man behind the show.

When Grant asked me to appear on the show, I responded with an automatic yes. I was eager to get back into the TV studio since I knew it had been remodeled, and I was not disappointed.

For the episode, I got to sit on a new, polished white couch while Grant interviewed me from a grey, love seat. Two new backdrops have been added to the studio this year as well, giving it a more modern feel.

Grant explains why he decided to start “Cowboy Corner.”

“Because UFTV is more than just news,” he said, “It’s an outlet for students to create.” He plans to continue making episodes until he graduates.

Getting to appear on Grant’s show got me thinking how lucky we are as UF students to have such an awesome resource. Findlay Media Network and UF TV are not exclusive to any particular major and all students are welcome to attend our weekly Monday meetings and collaborate with our different resources.

If you would like to watch Grant’s first episode of “Cowboy Corner” check out the UF Productions Youtube page or visit the link https://youtu.be/iAEEm5ts0eE.

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