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Name: Abigail Frye
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With Halloween coming and Findlay embracing the autumn weather of October, many fall festivities are taking place.
University of Findlay students can enjoy activities like going to a haunted house, visiting a pumpkin patch farm, and watching scary movies at the local movie theater.
Fear Factory and Purgatory House of Unrested Souls, located on 12630 Co. Rd. 216 Findlay, Ohio, is a local haunted house for Findlay residents. The cost is $10 for two haunts that lasts about 15 minutes. The attraction goes until Oct. 29 on the weekends in an all outside setup.
Peyton Sibert, a junior creative writing major, described Fear Factory and Purgatory as a good experience.
“It’s scarier than Cedar Point and a lot cheaper,” said Sibert.
The entire attraction was located outside and in the woods, which was one thing that impressed Sibert. Though she wished it was a little bit longer, it still made for a fun Saturday night for Sibert.
“It’s affordable and close, and part of the money goes to charity,” added Sibert.
Another fall activity is picking pumpkins at Homestead Fall Farm. Mostly busy on the weekends, the farm is located on 6850 Township Rd. 258 Alvada, Ohio.
“We started growing pumpkins when my son took a vine crop 4-H project, he was done with it after that but we kept going,” said the owner of Homestead Fall Farm.
Along with pumpkins for 30 cents a pound, the Fall Farm also offers a corn maze at only $4 for students. The Farm also includes sunflowers, miniature golf, hayrides, craft shops, and free popcorn. The corn maze is done completely independently with it only being mapped out on graph paper instead of using any technology or outside sources. There are also checkpoints throughout the maze that contain the right answers to a survey with the prize being an iPad mini.
The Homestead Fall Farm also has a new boat which it purchased last year, after it ended its 50 year run of sea trips.
“We’re the only pumpkin farm in Ohio with a boat that we know of,” Homestead Fall Farms stated.
Multiple scary movies will be hitting the theaters in October as well. Happy Death Day (PG-13), which follows Tree Gelbman as she repeatedly relives the day of her death until she discovers who her killer is, comes out on Oct. 13. Leatherface (R) , or the story of a disturbed man who becomes the infamous Leatherface, hits theaters Oct. 20. Jigsaw (R), which continues the storyline of the Jigsaw killer, comes out on Oct. 27.
Hancock County will also put on a Halloween parade on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. The parade will be hosted by Hancock Leadership Alumni Association and will contain both food and music. Any Findlay resident is welcome.

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