WLFC Weekly Review

By: Bobby Beebe

Sheer Mag – Compilation

Sheer Mag released three four-sound 7’ records in 2016, each of which was packed with fiery classic rock inspired punk jams that throw back to bands like Thin Lizzy and Husker Du. The Philly-based band recently re-released the songs from those EPs on one large compilation album. The record is packed full of a marathon of energy that feels much like you are listening to the band in one long jam session. The songs are personal and relatable, like “Fan the Flames” which tells the story of standing up to a slumlord, or “Sit and Cry,” which is a reflection on new beginnings, homesickness, and the overwhelming feelings that come with moving to a big city. This album is a fun, relentless, and nostalgic piece of art that gives until there is nothing left to give.


WLFC Top 15.


1 Why This Ole King
2 The William Shakes The Fault
3 Menzingers Cobra
4 Thundercat Show You The Way
5 Hurray for the Riff Raff Hungry Ghost
6 Heat Sometimes
7 You Me At Six Give
8 Chance the Rapper No Problem
9 Sacred Paws Everyday
10 Fred Thomas Brickwall
11 Homeshake Every Single Thing
12 Sunshine Daydream Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
13 The Beep Test Buchanan
14 WYLDLIFE Get Loud
15 Call Back The Dogs Katie Vargas

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