A new endangered species; white parking spaces

By: Alexis Mitchell

I hope you like exercise, Oilers, because with the limited amount of white spaces available on campus that is exactly what you will be doing.
I, an on-campus resident myself, know the frustrations that students living on campus have. My house in particular is pretty far away from campus, and sometimes on really hot days (like we’ve been having this week) walking can be strenuous. Especially when you add the 1000-pound backpack I carry everywhere; well, not really but you get the point.
Just recently, Campus Security blocked off several spaces by my house, and made them yellow. They then blocked off several spaces behind the Egner and Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion parking lot and made them blue. Those spaces were exactly where I used to park every day before class, as well as the only spots I could ever find that were white.
You can imagine my frustration in losing these sports to park. Especially since the number of white spaces were limited before anyways.
Another student living on campus, shares her concerns with losing white spaces.
“It’s just ridiculous,” said Ciara Burud, a sophomore here at the University of Findlay. “Even though my house is on campus it is still far from my classes and sometimes I just don’t want to walk that far when I have Lacrosse practice right when I’m done with class. Now that they’ve gotten rid of more white spaces I rarely can ever find a place to park”.
Ciara has received three parking tickets so far this year. A lot of people may want to think that it is her own fault, but, when you look at the bigger picture, it is kind of outrageous. There are high expectations placed on students living on campus to park in a limited amount of white spaces.
It is not just on-campus residents who agree the number of white spaces is ridiculous. Kaitlynn Babb, a junior and commuter at UF, agrees that even though she has more options with blue spaces now, she thinks it is unfair for students living on campus to lose more white spaces.
“Even though I won’t lie, I do love more blue spaces for me to park, I feel bad for any student who has to park in white spaces because now they definitely do not have as many places to park,” said Babb.
In closing, I do not think security should have removed so many white spots. It was hard enough for residents to find white spots to park and now it will be even harder with the removal of several white parking spaces. Adding more white spaces will make the lives of students easier and security as they will not have to hear them complain.

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