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Let’s talk policy 

Ashley Summerfield 

As the election quickly approaches, many Americans still find themselves undecided on how they will cast their vote. Among others things, the candidate’s stance on the hot topics in policy can be a main deciding factor in this decision. In a recent poll, UF students expressed their three most important policy issues influencing their votes: the economy, national security, and education. Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump really fall on these issues? 



Secretary Clinton’s economic plan is focused on increasing middle-class incomes. Clinton plans to make Wall Street, corporations, and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. She proposes three main policies in order to put her economic plan into action: 1. Boost Economic Growth, 2. Create Fair Growth, and 3. Support Long-Term Growth. 


Donald Trump’s plan centers on middle class relief. Trump’s plan breaks down into five key parts: 1. Tax the Rich, 2. Get Rid of Corporate Inversion (when a company is reincorporated abroad by a foreign business), 3. Lower the Debt Ceiling, 4. Social Security and Medicare benefit reform, and 5. Trade. 

National Security 


Clinton’s stance on the issue of National Security focuses on combating terrorism and maintaining the strongest military in the world. Clinton hopes to focuses on alliances in Europe and elsewhere to defeat the threat of extremists in the Middle East. 


Trump’s plan consists opposing Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, securing our borders (funded by Mexico), and ultimately reducing immigration into the country. Trump also plans to work with Congress to rebuild our depleted military. 



Secretary Clinton’s education reform focuses on making college debt-free and taking on the current student debt issue. She also places priority on a strong K-12 educational system, preparing the children of today for future success. 


Donald Trump plans to cut the Department of Education and Common Core, in order to allow education to be run locally. He will enact a plan, which allows schools to compete (charters, vouchers, and magnets). In terms of student debt, Trump will not allow federal government to profit from student loans. 

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s policy plans can be browsed on their campaign websites.

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