Clowns, Snapchat filters, political candidates

2016’s most-popular Halloween costumes 

By Mac Williams

It is now the time of year when children and adults alike, dress up as their favorite hero, villain, candidate, or monster and set out to collect candy or just have a fun night with friends. That’s right, it is almost Halloween and some students may be looking for a Halloween costume to wear to an epic party.

According to the USA Today’s, some of the most popular costumes in 2016 include presidential candidates, Snapchat filters, Pokémon, Game of Thrones characters, and yes, creepy clowns. According to USA Today College, sales of clown masks are up over 300 percent from one year ago. This is no doubt the result of many creepy clown sightings in many communities over the last six weeks.

In addition, with the rise of the popular app Pokémon Go, many people have chosen to suit up as their favorite character and go searching for candy. According to, a creepy clown costume costs approximately $40, and a Pokémon costume will cost you around $50.

Another popular costume that many adults are dawning this year is a costume of Harley Quinn, the character from the movie Suicide Squad, according to USA Today College.

For those looking for a cheaper alternative this Halloween season, a presidential candidate may be the way to go. According to, Donald Trump masks range from $10 to $30, depending upon the style that you choose. Hillary Clinton masks, also according to, are also in this same price range.

According to Madeline Schearman, a student at the University of Findlay, Halloween is the one holiday that students can express themselves in a variety of ways.

“We have so many options about what to go as, and it is really fun to see people get creative and think outside-of-the-box when it comes to their costumes,” said Schearman. “This year I plan to go as a shark just because it is something that I’ve never gone as before and I think it will stand out from everyone else.”

According to Jordan Thomas, also a UF student, Halloween is her favorite time of year.

“I’m one of those people who really likes haunted houses and scary things so this holiday is right up my ally, and it gets me in the mood for the fall season,” said Thomas.

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